Dance Dance Revolution Simulation (Archive)

Damian Yerrick, also known as DJ Tepples, was reasonably active in the DDR simulation community from 2003 through 2005. However, failing pads got the best of him, and a patent ruling against Roxor Games took away what remained of his will to play rhythm games.

East Germany: DJ Tepples Original Simfiles for DWI and StepMania


These are simfiles designed for StepMania, a PC-based clone of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). All of these simfiles are designed for play on a dance pad. You might find "The legend of Jumping" interesting on the keyboard though. If you want to link to these simfiles, please link to this page; the URLs of the simfiles themselves are subject to change. Some older files may have missing background images due to changes in background change parsing between versions of StepMania.

Other people's DWIs mirrored here

StepMania resources


I haven't made steps for these. Use any player that supports .ogg files.


Entries into past simfile competitions have had textual descriptions accompanying them: