NKAS noteskin by DJ Tepples

This noteskin is designed to look vaguely like that of Beatmania IIDX. Use this noteskin to play dance-double on the StepMania simulator, or just to make Arch0wl's simfiles look like the IVKAS they are.

Download NKAS 0.01


[Screenshot of NKAS on single] [Screenshot of NKAS on double]

Suggested settings

Modifiers: x2, Mini, Reverse
Noteskin: Nkas

Key mappings:
 1P Left:  Key left shift
 1P Right: Key x
 1P Up:    Key s
 1P Down:  Key z
 2P Left:  Key d
 2P Right: Key v
 2P Up:    Key f
 2P Down:  Key c

       S D F   ==      U L U
shift Z X C V  ==  L  D R D R


If you have simfiles with double steps for DDR, you can use those. You can also convert non-keysounded .bms files, but the procedure is rather complicated:

  1. Put the .bms files and the .mp3/.ogg file in the same folder.
  2. Create blank dance-single steps.
  3. In Notepad, edit the .sm file such that the imported IIDX steps are for dance-double.
  4. In StepMania's editor, open the dance-single steps, and Reload from Disk.
  5. Close the single steps and open the double steps.
  6. Select all (Home Space End Space), and shift the steps to the right.

Known bugs: Freezes don't work.

Creative Commons License The noteskin and the accompanying documentation are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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