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To see my Game Boy Advance projects (most of which are compatible with Nintendo DS), visit my GBA page.




There are about five different accessories for SLOT-2 that feature RAM, including the expansion pak included with Nintendo DS Browser. They all have their failure modes. This program makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine.

Download memtestARM 0.03 (source and .nds binary under MIT License)

Older versions: 0.02, 0.01

Speed tester for libfat

I have observed a factor of 6 difference between the read speeds of two different microSD adapters for Nintendo DS. That's why I added support for DS mode to my speed tester for libfat, so that users of DS homebrew can test how fast homebrew will work on their SLOT-1 memory cards.


Tool used to back up and restore the town on Animal Crossing: Wild World to a SLOT-2 device.

See also RAC main page


Move the stylus around on the touch screen to create simplistic music. If you've played Frequency or Amplitude for PlayStation 2 then you'll understand it.

Version 0.03 adds some text to the top screen because I can.

Download AXE 0.03


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