ACPG: Guides by Pino and Chester

Chester in Chadonn and Pino in YoshiX have written guides to Nintendo's video game Animal Crossing Population Growing for Nintendo GameCube based on information that they have verified. Each guide's title has the initials "ACPG" just like the title of the game. In their words: "We wrote these guides because we know that every minute you spend reading text is a minute you don't spend improving your town." Most of the information in the guides also applies to Animal Crossing Wild World for Nintendo DS, with some caveats.

Abundant Cash Player's Guide
Teaches how to earn money, get the golden statue, and get the golden shovel.
Axe Collecting Player's Guide
Teaches how to improve the town and get the golden axe.
Anti-Cheating Proposed Guidelines
Explains what Chester considers to be cheating and asks the world.

Unfortunately, they have not yet figured out to get 100,000 HRA points, catch all bugs, or catch all fish.

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