Nintendo Revolution is now

Nintendo's newest video game console, formerly code-named Revolution, will have EDTV (480p) graphics as good as the other consoles' EDTV graphics. It will run GameCube discs (8 cm) and Wii discs (12 cm). It will also run downloadable Wii titles and many classic NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx 16 games made available through Virtual Console, a download store operated by Nintendo and similar to Xbox Live Arcade. It can use GameCube controllers or its brand-new motion-sensing wireless remote control.

In late April 2006, Nintendo named the console "Wii". This is pronounced [wi:], like the English word "wee", and Slashdot users seem not to like the name much. In fact, some people think the name "Wii" sucks. But is it Weeee! (Gonads and Strife) or Wheee! (Firefox), or is it You're in? At least Nintendo's teaser trailer is cute. The name will surely lead to loads of bad puns, such as "Wiimote" (for the controller.

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