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A spider would have six more limbs.

Wrecking Ball Boy may be an NES game, or it may be a PC game. It is being prototyped in Pygame when the lead coder and artist isn't working on other game projects.

Either way, the player controls a character with no legs who uses his butt as a wrecking ball while he swings from a rope connected to a grappling hook. (Yes, concepts like this have been done before. Several times, in fact. It's a game; it's not supposed to be realistic.)

Non-swinging action

The first mission consists of block puzzles analogous to the classic calculator game Blockdude. Once the player touches the right side of test areas, which are 1 to 2 screens wide, a new screen enters the view. Sometime in the first mission, the player is given a grappling hook for pulling boxes across gaps or from high places. One drawback is that it can't be used while moving.

The player is taught these techniques after receiving the grappling gun:

  • Pulling boxes down
  • Pulling boxes up

The player is expected to improvise ways how to "abuse" the gun, though certain rooms have clues as to how to proceed:

Swing physics

A playground swing is a pendulum acting as a driven oscillator, driven by rotations of the swinger at the peaks of each arc.[1]


Notes and references

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