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This page is an archive of old discussions from 2017. Do not modify this page. If you have anything to add to the discussion, start a new section on User talk:Tepples.

NESdev issues, Jan. 2017[edit][edit]

An apparently broken link to a tracking script was revealed by the browser's view-source feature on nesdev:CHR ROM vs. CHR RAM (but this seems to affect all articles):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

I assume this was part of some configuration template that we haven't edited adequately, and I assume we intended simply to remove it. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:23, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

I'm aware of the forum discussion stating that this is from a MediaWiki extension related to Google Analytics, but already seems to be embedding Google Analytics from its official Google-sanctioned URL, via a Google-official JS snippet. Whether it should be doing this (as opposed to using a self-hostable analytics script like Piwik, or none at all) is another story. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 02:09, 23 January 2017 (UTC)

NESdev issues, Apr. 2017[edit]

NesCartDB issue[edit]

I can't reproduce this either.

Assuming you are still experiencing a problem and you were not trying to play an April Fool's prank on the NESdev community:

"Access denied" implies either that bootgod has banned your IP or (less likely) that some part of your setup is caching DNS excessively, causing to resolve to an unintended server. I've never seen the exact error message, though, so I can't offer more specific guidance. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 04:03, 3 April 2017 (UTC)

During the brief period that the error was still occurring, it was obviously a MySQL error message, not an error generated by the NesCartDB application itself. I forget some of the details, but I'm fairly certain that it was SELECT command denied to user '%s'@'localhost' for table '%s'. This doesn't reflect application-level security unless perhaps NesCartDB is implementing bans by mapping particular IP risk profiles to particular MySQL users. And if so, that's something I'd expect to see on The Daily WTF. --Tepples (talk) 18:16, 3 April 2017 (UTC)
As a reminder, I was not seriously suggesting that bootgod would engage in such outrageous coding practices. I was merely guessing because I had not seen the error message myself.
(Yes, I saw your post right after you made it. The problem was not with MediaWiki basics but rather that it took me several days to decide whether this clarification was worth making at all.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 15:01, 17 April 2017 (UTC)[edit] now the correct domain where Encyclopedia Dramatica can be found. (See Archive Team article.)

However, I am in doubt whether we should maintain an interwiki prefix at all, given the generally adult nature of the site and the fact that Urban Dictionary and Know Your Meme often suffice to describe Internet-culture topics. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 19:58, 4 June 2017 (UTC)

Fun with acronyms[edit]

ProfessAdeath said of my Twitter and Discord handle: "Perfectly Integrated Navigation Of Brilliant Analytical Thought Creating Heroism" --Tepples (talk) 13:26, 19 June 2017 (UTC)

Broken HTTPS on Uncyclopedia[edit]

It appears that Uncyclopedia's TLS certificate expired sometime between a fortnight and a month ago (excuse the sloppiness; just recalling my memory of previous tests).

If I recall correctly based on previous incidents, they are using Let's Encrypt but have not set up any automation of the relevant scripts.

Since they don't enforce https, the obvious fix from our end is to change the uncyc interwiki prefix back to http. It would be better to treat this as a tech-evangelism issue, but I'm not sure which of several Twitter accounts they consider to be official, and the relevant subreddit has not been actively posted to for about a year. (My general disdain for online social networking should not need reiterating.)

If you want to make any changes to interwiki prefixes, I suggest thinking about removing dram at the same time. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 23:33, 24 August 2017 (UTC)

The issue appears to be resolved...for now. (Digression: I think this is just another spambot.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 23:59, 18 September 2017 (UTC)