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This page is an archive of old discussions from 2013. Do not modify this page. If you have anything to add to the discussion, start a new section on User talk:Tepples.


Regarding "enter in edit summary submitted the form", wikipedia:User:Anomie/nosubmitsummary.js is a user script that would fix this on Wikipedias. However, we might have some trouble adapting it to work here because we don't have jQuery installed IIRC (and I didn't manage to see on a quick glance which extension jQuery belongs to). Just to let you know... Eighty5cacao 23:08, 6 October 2012 (MST)

For the record, jQuery is currently supposed to be a built-in feature of ResourceLoader. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 11:42, 24 January 2013 (CST)

Uncyclopedia has moved[edit]

It appears that the actively-maintained version of Uncyclopedia is now located at Should the interwiki prefix be changed accordingly? (If someone needs to link to the old Uncyclopedia, they can use wikia:uncyclopedia:.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 11:49, 14 January 2013 (CST)


I noticed that $wgAllowUserJs doesn't seem to be enabled here on Pin Eight, given that Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering doesn't show any links to user JS pages. Can you do so please? I have at least a couple scripts in mind that I'd like to use. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:42, 23 January 2013 (CST)

I had had it turned off as a measure against a vulnerability that allowed cross-site scripting. The underlying bug appears to have been fixed in 1.15.3 and 1.16. I will think about whether or not to turn this on. --Tepples (talk) 23:35, 23 January 2013 (CST)
I was aware that you probably had security in mind, but sorry for not knowing what the specific vulnerability was, so thanks for telling me. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 11:36, 24 January 2013 (CST)
That was not a withdrawal of my request ... all I meant is that I appreciate your security mindset.
If you would like to install these scripts as gadgets instead, I should let you know that I also want wikipedia:User:Bility/copySectionLink.js.
BTW, is the email contact form functional? This may become relevant if I want to let you know about other scripts without (further) unnecessary public disclosure of the relation between this account and my Wikipedia account. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 16:18, 25 January 2013 (CST)
Yes, the email contact form is functional. I even get the occasional spam through it. As I understand, the CSRF bug involved logging in to the attacker's account whose user JS is set to spoof the MediaWiki UI and collect other users' credentials. But with CVE-2010-1150 fixed, I guess I will turn it on soon. --Tepples (talk) 16:25, 25 January 2013 (CST)

Conciseness (MoS?)[edit]

Regarding issues like this one, do we need to write a Manual of Style page about conciseness, or perhaps link to a Wikipedia page about the same? How are the standards different in file vs. article namespace, acknowledging low-resolution displays (about which I didn't think hard enough in the first place)?

Regarding that edit more specifically: I would have additionally hidden the details of the article history in a "Maintenance notes" box, had I known them. Any objections? Should I have done so on the file's talk page? All I know right now is that Shrimp and prawn (currently a redirect) and Caridea are somehow involved. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 11:04, 31 January 2013 (CST)

I do not believe it yet rises to the level of a manual of style issue beyond, say, the "clear, concise, witty" motto of TV Tropes. --Tepples (talk) 11:10, 31 January 2013 (CST)

Incidental to protocol-relative fixes[edit]

In this edit, you reversed an outdent; why? What are the guidelines for appropriate indent levels at which to outdent?

In this edit, you expressed a preference for the domain without www. Does this imply that the site setup may change in the future so as to redirect one domain to the other? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 13:23, 3 February 2013 (CST)

On the first, outdent was reversed on the last comment of a conversation that had ended. On the second, I removed unnecessary characters at the same time as removing unnecessary characters, not intending to imply any future redirect. --Tepples (talk) 13:41, 3 February 2013 (CST)
I still don't see a clear explanation why that outdent had to be reversed. Is it specifically because the conversation had moved, and if so, should I get to work reversing some outdents I made elsewhere? Or can you give me at least a rough guideline as to indent level (no. of colons)? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 17:40, 3 February 2013 (CST) (last edit 17:43, 3 February 2013 (CST))
Because I felt like it, in this case. I do not believe it yet rises to the level of a manual of style issue. --Tepples (talk) 20:30, 3 February 2013 (CST)
Well, then ... sorry for my mind getting so instruction-creep-y (just another Aspie thing I guess). Also, maybe I should have tried Special:LinkSearch a little earlier... --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:06, 3 February 2013 (CST)

More cleanup of discontinued projects[edit]

It looks like you forgot to remove the Lockjaw link from the DS page. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 20:40, 22 February 2013 (CST)

Just happened to be browsing NESdev wiki and...[edit]

It looks like you mistakenly did "copy image location" instead of "copy link location" here, and you may have forgotten to finish a sentence here. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:22, 4 March 2013 (UTC)

Statute of limitations[edit]

This is something I meant to ask at "Considerations of intellectual property law" but never mustered the courage to do so until now.

Again regarding the falling-block game that must not be named ... IIRC you originally said that you would reverse your removal of content if an appeal in the case were successful. Am I correct in understanding that no appeal has been made? What is the relevant statute of limitations, and is it about to run out? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 16:46, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

I have not been made aware of any such appeal. As for the statute of limitations, I do not feel ready to discuss it further publicly. An injunction would be pointless as the cause of harm has already ceased. As for money damages, suffice it to say that deeper pockets (the FSF and the GNOME Foundation) tend to be juicier. --Tepples (talk) 17:46, 6 March 2013 (UTC)
Sorry, I had a feeling I was stepping on a sensitive area, but ... I suppose I just wanted the name of a specific law (statute) so I could do more research myself. I didn't really need you to quantify the statute of limitations; my point was just to confirm my assumption that the removal is likely to stand indefinitely because the statute of limitations will run out before any appeal happens. I never specifically asked about money damages either (again, I should do the research myself). --Eighty5cacao (talk) 18:42, 6 March 2013 (UTC)
The statute is 17 USC 507(b). --Tepples (talk) 19:32, 6 March 2013 (UTC)
Ok, thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience. (So the situation isn't quite as urgent as I thought; realistically I don't expect an appeal though.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:34, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

Wording on tvtropes:Literature/TheTimeMachine[edit]

The entry in said article for tvtropes:AttentionDeficitOohShiny (under "The Book" folder) currently reads, "The Eloi appear to meet DSM criteria for inattentive ADHD. All of them."

My opinion is: not quite all, if you include Weena. Should the sentence "All of them" be removed, or should we add a hottip "note" to explain the situation? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 19:16, 10 March 2013 (UTC)

I think I was thinking "all the criteria" slightly more than "all the individuals". But if you can summarize relevant information on that page into one or two clear and concise sentences about how Weena's behavior differs, I'll try plugging it in. --Tepples (talk) 22:47, 10 March 2013 (UTC)
So it turns out that I did misunderstand what "all" meant. Anyway, it might take me a little while to come up with a good wording. (The main point I want to express is the time interval between Weena's rescue and her display of affection / gratitude.) Should we consider temporarily removing the sentence? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 01:10, 11 March 2013 (UTC)
For the record, the article has been moved to tvtropes:Literature/TheTimeMachine to comply with namespace policy. However, the move isn't quite complete in that the information about the films should be split to tvtropes:Film/TheTimeMachine1960 and tvtropes:Film/TheTimeMachine2002 (neither of those pages exists yet).
But back on topic: I suppose I didn't think of "all the criteria" because the novel provides inadequate support for the criterion "Often does not give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, work, or other activities." My suggestion so far is, [[note]]Except possibly Weena. Several hours elapse between the Traveller's rescue of Weena and ... (this still needs to be finished; I will get back to you)[[/note]] to be inserted immediately after the link to the DSM criteria. (I do not intend for the unfinished portion to contain multiple full sentences.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:32, 15 March 2013 (UTC) (last edit 17:56, 31 March 2013 (UTC))

Protocol-relative fixes in archives[edit]

I noticed that some links ought to be made protocol-relative in User talk:Tepples/Archive 2. Is it generally ok for me to fix such things myself? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 01:59, 13 April 2013 (UTC)

I wonder where the need comes from to go back and change links to be protocol-relative when not fixing other things at the same time, especially in old talk pages. --Tepples (talk) 13:38, 13 April 2013 (UTC)
I'll take that as a "no" for my original question. But to answer more directly: There's no "need" that I can justify in a logically consistent manner, especially given that I've written an HTTPS Everywhere user ruleset for this site ... I guess just boredom (and Aspie habits). In the "Da Do Run Run [sic]" case, my edit summary was an attempted play on words and/or hypothesis for the error, which I didn't get around to in my original post. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 18:08, 13 April 2013 (UTC)
Actually, it's not quite correct to say that I have no cause. I'm doing it for the benefit of other readers who don't know (or are too busy to learn) how to write and install a user ruleset. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 00:56, 14 April 2013 (UTC)

For what it's worth, it looks like you fixed some links yourself in Archive 1. (So should I treat the other archives as if they were protected?) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 19:00, 21 April 2013 (UTC)

HTTPS Everywhere[edit]

Would you object to HTTPS Everywhere adding a ruleset for this site? The above discussion about Google ads seems to imply that you might. If this bothers you, the developers will usually honor requests to have a ruleset available in releases but disabled by default; this appears to have been done at least for DeviantArt and W3C.

Like TVT/AtT, HTTPS Everywhere has no "notability" requirement for inclusion. The only requirement is that the ruleset work reliably as written.

It is probably better for you to email the developers than me, since you are the owner of the site, and I don't think they like my habit of batching multiple issues into long emails. You don't need to write the actual ruleset file as long as you explain clearly what domains should be covered. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 18:28, 13 April 2013 (UTC)

It may take me a while to figure out whether I want to just get rid of AdSense entirely. If I do, that would coincide with a redesign in the 32em wide layout (sample; sample) that I've been preferring lately for mobile and Snap friendliness. --Tepples (talk) 00:00, 14 April 2013 (UTC)
In any case, I don't object to an HTTPS Everywhere rule for /mw/. --Tepples (talk) 21:39, 2 May 2013 (UTC)
You're probably wondering how the developers are supposed to find User:Eighty5cacao/misc/HTTPS Everywhere/rulewip given that I've NOINDEXed it and don't want my real name associated with it (which would preclude the use of my usual email address). I was thinking that either (1) you can give a link to that page the next time you email the developers, or (2) I can file a ticket on their Trac system using the shared cypherpunks account. Of course, neither action should be taken until I've had a day or two to copypaste in all the subpages.
The talk subpages are mainly meant for the developers to read, not necessarily you. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 06:09, 13 May 2013 (UTC)

Would you object to the default-on ruleset covering all images, scripts, stylesheets, and software downloads in addition to the wiki itself? It still avoids covering pages (HTML documents) so as to avoid showing users mixed-content warnings. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 20:59, 23 May 2013 (UTC)

Support HTTPS for non-HTML resources for now is a good idea. Go ahead. --Tepples (talk) 21:04, 23 May 2013 (UTC)


If I understand your YouTube user page correctly, you have a Google+ account. What is it that you like about Google+ that you don't about Facebook?

If you are unwilling to answer this publicly, feel free to take it directly to email (no need to post here to explain that you are doing so). --Eighty5cacao (talk) 19:09, 21 April 2013 (UTC)

For one thing, Google already had my PII for other services, namely AdSense. For another, I have read that Facebook requires two-step confirmation of new accounts, with both an e-mail address (OK) and a mobile phone number (less OK). There are people in my family who still don't have their own cell phone, nor can they use the cell phone number of another member of the same household who has a Facebook account. This is because Facebook requires cell phone numbers to be a globally unique key unless the user mails Facebook a color copy of the user's government-issued photo ID. Google, on the other hand, offered to add Google+ to my account. --Tepples (talk) 03:19, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

Mistaken edit on USB game controller[edit]

Just an apology, nothing actionable...

I do not own any of the controllers listed in the article. I do not have any Linux distribution at all installed on my primary computer (I do on another computer, but it's rather out of date); I do have Python, but I'm not sure whether your program does anything OS-specific nor whether Windows drivers might mess with it in subtle ways.

So yeah, this whole mess was caused by my trigger-happiness and consequent failure to read carefully enough.

(I hope you have no complaints about my EMS USB2 edits - those were done only to ease searching/linking and did not change the visible title of the section. Do I understand correctly?) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 16:31, 2 June 2013 (UTC) (last edit 17:43, 2 June 2013 (UTC))

Results from Windows and from other controllers would be appreciated. I expect that HID controllers (that is, anything USB other than an Xbox 360 controller) will have buttons in the same order even with slightly different names. If you own any controllers for your PC and are willing to install Pygame into your Python installation, I'll give you the test tool. And alternate anchors are fine too. --Tepples (talk) 22:13, 2 June 2013 (UTC)

wyatt8740's problem with 6502 Introduction[edit]

Regarding this thread:

I am unable to reproduce the problem with my present browser configuration (Firefox 21.0 on Win7), but that configuration includes custom Adblock Plus filters ||^$~image,third-party and ||^$~image,third-party

The redirect is done by JavaScript (located at;y=andrew_jacobs;u=10039925 in this case); it is not a 3xx.

I originally added the filters to stop a similar redirection on, but that page no longer seems to contain the offending script.

My current hypothesis is that third-party cookie blocking makes a difference as to whether one sees the redirection once or always. I still need to test this, starting by disabling said ABP filters. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 00:35, 5 June 2013 (UTC) (last edit 03:46, 5 June 2013 (UTC))

As far as I have found after reproducing the redirect, does use cookies to track whether it has performed a redirection for a specific viewer and specific site. I still need to figure out what the best advice is in this case; possibly wyatt8740 needs to add a cookie exception if xe is blocking third-party cookies. It's probable that other users in the thread can't reproduce the issue because they already have appropriate cookies from webring in their browsers. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 03:50, 6 June 2013 (UTC)

HTTPS Everywhere: follow-up[edit]

I think I'm calling this project done.

Do you still need to send any emails regarding Pin Eight? The idea is that, since you are the webmaster of this site, you should write the email about the rulesets specifically concerning this site, while incidentally mentioning "My friend has a list of suggested changes he'd like you to look over (link to the page). Please email me back when you are finished." (Or do you want to instruct the developers to post on a talk page somewhere?)

Are you okay with my plan for what will and will not be deleted? The rationale is that the pages about new rulesets are more likely to need retention for attribution reasons, as well as if I am tasked with further maintenance of said rulesets. Again, everything that is kept will be blanked and will remain noindexed.

The review of my changes will probably take a couple months, and it's likely not all the new rulesets will make it into the stable 4.0 release.

P.S. I will be away from the wiki during the coming week. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 05:25, 2 August 2013 (UTC)

I'll send mail this weekend. I'd prefer to merge the new rulesets 0-D pages before submitting them so that there aren't so many pages to keep courtesy blanked. --Tepples (talk) 14:11, 2 August 2013 (UTC)
Ok, I will do that myself ASAP (within today). Also, it may be obvious, but please don't mention the pages that aren't related to rulesets; I will manually file bugs for any such issues once my ideas are adequately developed. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 15:43, 2 August 2013 (UTC)
Sent. --Tepples (talk) 23:45, 3 August 2013 (UTC)
And to clarify: the redirects resulting from the merge may eventually be deleted, but not until after the developers tell us they are done looking, in case they need the revision history. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 03:50, 11 August 2013 (UTC)

So did the developers of HTTPS Everywhere ever take action on this? I'd check myself, but archives of EFF lists are 404 at the moment. --Tepples (talk) 01:19, 3 September 2013 (UTC)

It doesn't look like they have. They're probably in a ruleset freeze because they're trying to get the 4.0 release ready, and I know they similarly withheld new rulesets for a little while before 3.0. They're probably also busy working on the necessary fixes to Firefox and Chrome mixed-content blocking implementations. So as I said before, don't expect any of my changes to show up until the 5.0development (?) branch gets going; sorry for the inconvenience.
I haven't recently seen any 404s for other EFF/Tor Project mailing lists, but I haven't checked that thoroughly. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 01:34, 3 September 2013 (UTC)

I assume from the concerns you raised elsewhere about project scope that you're getting a little impatient here. I still stand by my previous comments about the release cycle. I anticipate one or two more Firefox development releases before 4.0 is stable, but I don't know how long that will take.

If you wish to send another email, make sure to explain clearly what parts of Pin Eight should and should not be covered (feel free to link to my subpages, but don't rely only on such links), and mention the need to reread/re-scrape the wiki pages.

As I said elsewhere, if you wish to delete anything from this wiki, please give me about 48 hours' advance notice so I can make backups. (I already have local backups of some but not all of these pages, in the form of user rulesets.) I advise giving the same notice to the developers and/or providing them with a static scrape of the affected pages. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 02:21, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

I'm not in the mood for deleting anything quite yet. Mostly I was concerned with pollution of Recent Changes. If things like rulesets and WMGs are kept in the "back room", so to speak, there's no problem. --Tepples (talk) 02:25, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

nesdev:Programming with unofficial opcodes linkrot[edit] is returning 403. The root level of returns 403 as well, so I assume the site has shut down. Haven't bothered to check Wayback yet --Eighty5cacao (talk) 06:17, 23 August 2013 (UTC)


I happened to notice that the oeis: interwiki prefix should be updated to$1 (https is correct; compare Wikipedia, even though there's no HTTPS Everywhere ruleset yet). --Eighty5cacao (talk) 06:13, 5 September 2013 (UTC)

zzo38's RGB approximation to the NES palette[edit]

What's the source/algorithm for the "quick and dirty" palette that zzo38 originally added here? If it was generated from Drag's algorithm, what parameters were used? --Eighty5cacao (talk) 21:52, 25 December 2013 (UTC)

I don't know. Are you asking me to ask them this on your behalf? --Tepples (talk) 23:47, 25 December 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I guess so, if it's not too much inconvenience. (This is just out of curiosity, and in case someone wants to document it on-wiki; I am not developing an emulator.)
Since IP editing is allowed in talk namespaces on NESdev, I assume that you expected me to do that. However, linking back to this post from there would disclose the relationship between one of my ISPs and this username, and you can guess that I don't like that. I was thinking that the forum might be a better venue because it is more actively read. --Eighty5cacao (talk) 01:28, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
I slightly misread the question and got the source of the current palette. --Tepples (talk) 03:38, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
Then I suppose my question was malformed — because I wasn't fast enough mentally converting hex to decimal, I thought the later edits were merely reformatting, and I didn't notice they had changed the colors in the palette. I did mean to ask about the current palette, but I guess it would help to know the sources of all revisions. By "got," did you mean that you already posted about this elsewhere? (I'm still in the middle of my daily NESdev reading.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 04:26, 26 December 2013 (UTC) (+ 04:32, 26 December 2013 (UTC))
The reply in nesdev:Talk:PPU palettes#Source of palette alludes to Parkinson's law of triviality. --Tepples (talk) 14:02, 26 December 2013 (UTC)

Short: Sorry for wasting everyone's time then.

Long: So we now know Nestopia was used ... I've done the exact same thing, but I don't remember some of the grays in the palette containing more green than red/blue. Could this have to do with a 16-bit vs. 24/32-bit color depth setting somewhere? (You don't need to answer that; I'm not going to bother asking about the parameters anyway.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 18:25, 26 December 2013 (UTC)