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Some forum users have characterized some of my philosophical stances as "axes to grind". But changes in technology and policy have rendered some of the older stances obsolete.


No 4-5" tablet running Android with Google Play as a counterpart to iPod touch
Use a low-end Android phone with no SIM.
2-factor authentication is expensive for prepaid cellular users who pay per incoming SMS
A TOTP app works on a tablet, even offline, and Google Chrome on a PC with USB can use U2F keys.
Chromebook verified mode runs only JavaScript
Install NaCl Development Environment, a subset of Native Client SDK for Chrome OS.
Chromebook dev mode encourages user to wipe it
Tape a notice on the bezel to press Ctrl+D, and keep your electronics out of reach of children and non-technical users.
You must be this tall to develop a video game optimized for a TV
Graphically heavy PC games can use Steam Link, and graphically light PC games can use a laptop.
You must be this tall to port a nearly completed PC game to a console
Xbox One developer mode costs $19 for individuals who are Windows 10 licensees.
iOS requires a recurring fee to run software you compiled
Xcode since version 7 allows deploying apps built from source to devices on your Apple ID. Any purported recurring fee is to keep up with macOS dropping support for old hardware.
Many Seattle residents can't get broadband because of Director's Rules
CenturyLink deployed gigabit fiber throughout much of Seattle during 2015.
The Ken Thompson attack allows a backdoor to propagate to a freshly compiled self-hosted compiler
If a language has multiple compilers, at least one as published source code, diverse double-compiling detects this attack. Other languages can be bootstrapped through an implementation in a language for which a clean compiler can be verified through DDC. For example, use OCaml to compile old Rust and old Rust to compile new Rust.
TLS hosting is too expensive for hobbyists
If your site is too small for a $10/mo VPS, use DreamHost.
TLS certificates are too expensive for hobbyists
Use Let's Encrypt. Or StartSSL for individuals with one site who need a longer validity due to web host restrictions.

Soon resolved

Android window management is all maximized all the time, leading to an impractical 10 inch calculator
Will be retired once Android Nougat reaches OTA.


  • 2-factor authentication on Twitter is expensive because it supports only SMS, not TOTP or FIDO U2F, and only one account per number at that.
  • You must be this tall to port a video game that uses buttons to a handheld platform that North Americans are likely to own.
  • There are only an estimated 105.4 million legally distinct musical hooks, and BMI alone controls a tenth of them.
  • Code signing certificates are still too expensive for hobbyists and largely specific to each platform, especially for driver signing on Windows.
  • Not everybody is in a position to immediately switch to a web host that supports Let's Encrypt.
  • New web browser features requiring TLS, such as the Service Workers needed for offline web applications, do not work across a private network.
  • HTML5 Application Cache was deprecated too soon, before Service Workers were ready.
  • Without ads, a lot of websites would go out of business because they're not sticky enough for a monthly subscription to one site.
  • Many rural users still can't get wired broadband.
  • Sites are broken in Safari because not every developer can afford a separate computer just for testing on a 2% browser.
  • Games for video game consoles don't support community-developed mods.