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Nethil the Unlucky Rabbit used to work on an Easter bunny chicken farm.

One rainy Friday night, Nethil was digging a hole to bury a layer hen that had died. Two practitioners of a superstition called hoodoo approached Nethil from behind and captured him, seeking to turn his feet into amulets. He struggled as the men carried him to some harvesting machinery parked several meters away. But Nethil failed to escape before one of them drew a knife, cut his legs off, and smeared his blood on the blade of the machine to make it look like an accident.

He had recovered before arriving at the Friendly House wearing a yellow shirt with black letters "NSML", which he claims stand for "stole my luck".

Howie and Olivia

Howie was found on the streets as a homeless toddler, with a sleeping bag and a headlamp as his only possessions. He never really learned to walk; he just hops around in his sleeping bag. Adopted by Olivia Speth.

Easter girls

Becca moved in around October of some year. She keeps time at the Friendly House.

For a few years after that, a girl showed up at the Friendly House during Lent of several years. We were able to take in five of them. The last one, Leah Coccinelli, occasionally babysits Howie.

Amic family

Sol and Sal Amic are snow people. When a snow girl named Claire arrived, Sol and Sal decided to adopt them.


Sean has brown hair. He doesn't like wearing stripes or overalls for fear of being mistaken for his murderous distant cousin Chucky Ray.


Fievel Marsh is a mouse boy descended from mice fleeing 1880s pogroms. After Fievel moved to the Friendly House, the Easter girls got him interested in this Jesus character, and Fievel ended up converting to Messianic Judaism.

Flip Zee Girls

Zoey, Zuri, Zandy, and Lola moved in at various times. Zoey moved in with Sean and Zuri with Fievel.

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