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GBA : Introduction

My game boy advance software includes 3 games, a small featureset of an objective-c compiler. Everything is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License.) The rest of this page is about me and my GBA software.

dwarrendelf : a fairy tale GBA game

I wrote dwarrendelf, a homebrew open source GBA game in 32 bit colour. It features 20 rooms and an RPG system. The code and ROM can be found at the above link, file is dwarrendelf-src-0.5.tar.gz The ROM was tested to work on VisualBoyAdvance emulator.

download is located at

Old site if you want to see some screenshots :

libobjcgbarm : an Objective-C compiler for GBA

An implementation on an objective-c compiler with a small libc for compiling to ARM processor code (also NES 6502 target.)

download is located at

PNG output to GBA screen latch code


NES software : neslisp

Neslisp is hosted at It features a small subset of the Lisp language also with embedded 6502 assembly.

ARM and NES compiler software

arm-lisp is an Objective-C implementation (Cocoa on MacosX and GNUstep on Linux) of a Lisp compiler to ARM and NES (6502 processor) targets. It can be found at The set of Lisp syntax is good enou9gh to write small programs.

About silverhawk, hacking and Nintendo

I wrote dwarrendelf in 2009 and libobjcgbarm in 2012, which is pretty late for the real GBA age. I wrote most of my code on an Apple macbook under MacOS X Leopard and a Panasonic Linux portable. I have a plain old GBA at home for which I still buy old games second hand. I also have a GBA SP. I don't play much anymore as most of my time goes into hacking. At this time of writing I am working on Wii software for and the underground.

Nintendo still holds a special place for me as I grew up with the GB and NES, for which I expend club nintendo points to download virtual console games on. A feature I love when buying games.

I hope this page makes some sense on the wide wide world, Happy Hacking!