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A hobbyist game programmer (now known as NovaSquirrel most places) that mostly focuses on 2D platformer games.

Works (Homebrew)

  • Nova the Squirrel: a free and open source NES platformer game with copy abilities and puzzles.
  • Double Action Blaster Guys, a 2-player NES homebrew game focusing on having fast and arcade-like gameplay, while being less buggy and more advanced than Forehead Block Guy.
  • Sliding Blaster, a 2-player action game for the NES based on Ballmaster 2. Supports the SNES mouse.
  • Conway's Life for NES, both a 32x32 version and a 64x32 version.
  • Conway's Life for Game Boy.
  • Sound effects editor for NES.

Works (IRC)

  • NovaBot - IRC bot that used to run on top of XChat, then HexChat, and was replaced with a simple standalone bot doing the last few features that were still needed.
  • Scrollback2Html - Converts any number of XChat scrollback files to HTML files .
  • a /lcon command for UnrealIRCd that lets you list users based on criteria.
  • Colored nick patches for UnrealIRCd, supported just fine in every client tested, though background. colors mess up somewhat if used on Icechat 7.
  • HexQuest: HexChat plugin that makes HexChat viable for connecting to MUCKs.

Other works

Main works in progress

  • Tilemap Town: Online social hangout inspired by old BYOND games like Icon Ultima
  • NetPuzzleArena: Open source recreation of several puzzle games, intended to have online play eventually
  • Game Boy FHBG: Recreation of my earlier "Forehead Block Guy" game for Game Boy and Game Boy Color.