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WMG This article contains wild mass guessing, or original research about the settings, characters, or events in a work of fiction.

This page contains short summaries of potential WMG concepts. Each item should contain at least one sentence phrased as a question.

In their necessarily unfinished state as written, some items may be better classified as headscratchers or fridge logic.

Due to the nature of this content and the formatting limitations of this wiki's spoiler template, small spoilers will likely not be marked. A "small spoiler" is any material that would be flagged with the inline spoiler markup on TV Tropes and/or All The Tropes and does not constitute a complete sentence.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

If Richter defeats Shaft in stage 6 before returning to stage 2 to rescue Maria, he finds Maria lying on the ground. Ordinarily, she would have been held up by Shaft's magic beam; was Shaft nice enough to shut it off cleanly, or did he let her hit the ground like a ton of bricks?
TODO: Check the original Rondo of Blood

Shantae (franchise)

If the titular protagonist lost her hair for medical reasons, what substitute would she find for the function that it originally served?

Yume Nikki

This section covers only the original game, not any subsequent adaptations. This is important especially in regard to the graphical proportions of characters or settings.
  • If one of the air-conditioning units in Madotsuki's apartment needed repair or replacement, what would happen? Do such maintenance people even exist in this universe? (The building has no other visible occupants even though it has multiple AC units, and no other buildings are visible from it.) Are the AC units hiding something sinister?
  • When Madotsuki dreams of riding her bicycle, why doesn't the dream include a helmet? Does this mean she has already suffered a head injury?
  • Madotsuki's "Family Game" (ファミリィゲーム) console[fg 1] appears to have two cartridge slots. In addition to being a famiclone, does it also support cartridges for a 16-bit system?
  • Why does Madotsuki keep her dream diary on paper rather than using a tape recorder or other electronic storage medium? The knee-jerk response is, "for the same reason her game console is a Famicom": Either the time period is the mid-eighties, or Madotsuki's (unseen) parents or guardians are unwilling or unable to buy technology that is more modern. However, I have just established that the console is probably a famiclone rather than a legitimate Famicom, so this argument doesn't hold much weight.
    • For that matter, what are the books on her bookshelf? Some can be assumed to be blank or used dream diaries, but what else is there?
  • Graphical proportions:
    • At first glance, Madotsuki must be old enough to be familiar with her city's train system, to use a porta-potty unassisted, and to have seen and understood the use of a knife as a weapon. However, she is just about as tall as the AC units outside her apartment. (Another building has AC units which look slightly smaller, but it isn't a huge difference considering that the intended scale may differ anyway.) These requirements aren't easily satisfied in the normal course of human development; is she of short stature?
    • As far as the player can see, Madotsuki's apartment is as wide as the building itself at that height. Is it a penthouse suite? It seems awfully small and incomplete for that purpose. Why does she live in a penthouse anyway, if her caretakers presumably can't afford to treat her better?
    • In the dream world, how does Madotsuki scoot her wheeled desk chair beyond arm's reach of her desk if her legs are too short to reach the floor when she sits on any chair (which includes the aforementioned traincar as well as o-Man's couch)?


  1. untranslated in the English fan translation; translated as "Famtendo Game" in the official English version for Windows

Related thoughts

  • Assuming that Madotsuki's dreams have a substantial basis in her perception of reality (the key word being "perception"), might she have a visual impairment that led to visual release hallucinations, a.k.a. Charles Bonnet syndrome, as discussed by the BBC here? In particular, Charles Bonnet syndrome often produces Lilliputian hallucinations (compare the Midget effect) and leads to social isolation. Other tropers have mentioned impaired vision here and here.
  • As noted by established tropers here, the key items are called "Effects" because they're personal effects, not because they're all effective at making something happen. (TODO: Rephrase as a question.)
  • Is the game's world a film set, theatrical play, and/or puppet show? (An existing example of the last concept is Dynamite Headdy, whose basic mechanic would seem to arise from a combination of the Nopperabou (Faceless Ghost) and Severed Head effects. As for the possibility of a performance being recorded on film, the Jellyfish vaguely resemble the hoods historically attached to large-format cameras, with the photographers' feet visible underneath, or incompletely-assembled reflectors or softboxes.)