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WMG This article contains wild mass guessing, or original research about the settings, characters, or events in a work of fiction.

This is a list of my crazy fan theories on various creative works. In some entries I may attempt to connect multiple fictional universes.

The organization of this page approximates the system of media categories used on TV Tropes and All The Tropes.

For material relevant to Damian Yerrick's fictional universes, see User:Eighty5cacao/misc/WMG dump/Concentration Room and DX Town.

For material created by Btm pdx, see User:Btm pdx/Grand Unified Theories.

This is not a formal archive. This page may be edited infrequently, but it will not be actively kept up to date.




TODO: Why "Cobol Engineering"? Anything to do with the programming language? (The OOU etymology is probably similar to that of Cobb's name. wikia:inception:Cobol Engineering exists, but it doesn't clarify this issue.)

The Time Machine (2002)

See also: Eloi language – English

TODO: Multiple rises and falls of civilization? Local temporal distortion fields? (The latter explains the dubious chronometer reading, which was originally addressed by Tepples in the "See also" above. What creates the distortion remains to be addressed. The former assumes the chronometer is not as far off as Tepples was suggesting. The two are not necessarily incompatible.)

TODO: In the film's Eloi language, <tor> appears to be a negation word according to these sample texts. We should be able to wild-mass-guess out some etymological* justification, possibly related to "tower"/"mountain";[1] nothing to do with that Tor of course. (Vox 114 could have been running Tor software at some point, but the Internet would have disappeared long before human descendants were self-identifying as "Eloi". A more plausible hypothesis involves the Tor/Forge imprint of Macmillan Publishers, which currently focuses on science fiction. Might the possible reactions to its decision to discontinue DRM on e-books be relevant?)
(*Sloppy, but no sloppier than Greenberg and Ruhlen. I am aware of the discussion surrounding Eloi language#English, which says that drift invalidates the concept of Eloi "etymologies.")


The Time Machine

See also: User:Eighty5cacao/misc/WMG dump/The Time Machine


TODO: Mention something about darkness and grues - expand on this later - No one knows exactly how much light is needed to injure/kill a grue either.


Linkin Park

Connections with Evanescence

(in-universe content still needs to be written)

"From the Inside" and IBM Linux ads

There exists an universe in which Jamie Bennington's character and the boy from the "Prodigy" advertisements are the same person or at least brothers.

Solitude Standing (album)

Luka volunteers as a waiter at Tom's Diner. His parents abuse him because they are dissatisfied with his job performance.

TODO: Regarding the song "Solitude Standing":

  • Who or what is Solitude?
    Out of universe: The Spanish equivalent "Soledad" is commonly used as a name. However, Suzanne Vega states that the song is a metaphorical description of solitude and is not (knowingly) inspired by any person named Soledad.
  • What do we make of the lyrics "Her palm is split with a flower with a flame"? (Compare the Fire Flower.) NB: The copy of the lyrics used to show a comma immediately following "flower" as of (FIXME! - check this wikipage's history), but it no longer does as of Aug. 2017
  • Near the beginning of the song's video, the LCDs of the Yamaha equipment cycle through the names of several tracks from the Solitude Standing album. At one point No.50  LUKA ワ appears. Is intended to depict a glitch in the equipment? Is it something other than the katakana? Does it have some deeper meaning here? Perhaps the display contents are an enciphered message?
  • Mention something about the nerdy-looking guitarist (name? wikipedia:Solitude Standing#Personnel doesn't specifically mention the titular track)

Mind the Gap (Scooter album)

Regarding the song "Jigga Jigga!":

(in-universe content still needs to be written)

Video games

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (as The Dracula X Chronicles)

Moved to headscratcher hooks

KiKi KaiKai (series)

Why do we never see Miki-chan (Becky) between the FDS and GBA entries in the series? (possible spoilers hidden)

TODO: Are the human protagonists ever referred to with an honorific other than -chan? (Canonically and OOU, the answer appears to be no, but keep looking.) If so (not), why (not)?

Momoko 120%

Main article: User:Eighty5cacao/misc/WMG dump/Momoko 120%

The Outfoxies

For background information, see Hardcore Gaming 101 (old) and Gaming Hell.

The backstory for Danny and Demi differs between the Japan and World revisions.

The Japanese version states that they were created in a laboratory. The non-Japanese version instead states that they were born conjoined and were separated following a train accident. (This is biologically impossible, given that they are of opposite sexes. They could be semi-identical twins (, but conjoined twins have to be truly identical to be viable.)

I propose that, in universe, the Japanese backstory is the true one, and the non-Japanese backstory was fabricated by Danny and Demi based on conversations they heard around the lab. The lab produced some twins who were truly conjoined, but none survived beyond early infancy. One of the lab managers died in a train crash; none of his experiments were onboard the train at the time. (TODO: reconsider that – perhaps none of his full-grown experiments were onboard the train, but some embryos and/or cell cultures were)

TODO: Who runs the lab? How is the principal investigator related to the other playable characters? The non-Japanese version states that Bernard White is a "biotech engineer"; were Danny and Demi created by White's company or a rival company?

(Other regional differences: Professor Ching's intro text has some minor rewording unimportant to the backstory.)

TODO: Need to explain why Danny and Demi are each missing an arm given that they were not born conjoined – but am I interpreting the pictures and written descriptions correctly?

Sonic the Hedgehog (series)

Non-original: The video "The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog" by The Game Theorists postulates that Rouge the Bat is a Honduran white bat. If I understand correctly, official material doesn't specify an exact species of bat.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 (Genesis)

Sonic's depiction on the title screen appears to have (the top halves of) a pair of breasts hidden behind the "Sonic the Hedgehog" text banner. This is visible in the Sonic 1 Bouncy Edition hack or when sprite limits are not emulated, such as in Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1 for Dreamcast.

(Contra: What appears to be Sonic's right breast [not to be confused with the viewer's right] is really supposed to be a partially obscured view of his right arm.)

Are there any existing fan writings on this topic?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (both versions)

Tails in all Sonic games from the 16-bit version of Sonic 2 onward is actually the ghost of Tails from the 8-bit versions, who died in said game's bad ending. 16-bit Tails appears "immortal" because he can't die any more than he already is dead.

Umihara Kawase

The canonical games actually depicted VR training missions.

Main article: User:Eighty5cacao/misc/WMG dump/Umihara Kawase

Web original

Image macros


An example can be found at uncyc:File:Ualuealualeualueale.gif.

TODO: Mention something about "Ualueria" in Lingua Ignota.

Web videos


For background information, see: User:Eighty5cacao/misc/WMG dump/archive/Magibon/OOU

Magibon is a virtual character created by Google [in cooperation with the founders of YouTube?] as part of their research into artificial intelligence. The software, which is also responsible for the Webdriver Torso test videos, runs on hardware that uses some secret paranormal technology, powered by the admiration of fans. (It also depends vitally on the kind of fan that blows air, as depicted in videos 1, 2, and 4 of the main mu sequence. But that's rather obvious.)

(Could the office in ☆無57★ plausibly belong to Google?)

The program later created the Poppy character when Magibon proved no longer to be popular.

(TODO: I should probably have mentioned Benjamin Bennett (YT channel, Vice article) instead.)

Perhaps also...

  • There are multiple people (or more generally, sentient entities) uploading videos under the Magibon account
  • When the Copyrobeast has banhammered everyone else, Magibon will be the last registered user remaining. Such is the advantage of doing nothing (mu) – in other words, "the only winning move is not to play." Then the Copyrobeast will find some reason to ban her anyway...

RPG Parade

The series can be found on YouTube here. For further information, see Wikia wiki.

My guesses about subsequent plot lines are as follows:

Real life

Japanese language

TODO: Similarities with Finnish language; see discussion from TVT/AtT and this YouTube video

TODO: Similarities with Turkish language; see uncyc:User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ explanations/Turkish-Japanese Conspiracy

Physical cosmology

Was a previous universe destroyed by a programmer's attempt to implement a quantum bogosort? Compare robbak's signature on The Daily WTF forums. (NB: "brillant [sic] mum, Paula" is a reference to The Brillant Paula Bean)

Auricle (anatomy)

In East Asian ethnicities, prominent ears are more tolerated[2][3] and Stahl's bar is more prevalent[4][5][6][7][unreliable sources?] than in Western ethnicities. What could this imply in the evolutionary long run? Compare to the pointy ears typically attributed to elves.

Slashdot and Mathematica

TODO: Mention something about /. vs. /. in Mathematica, which performs what Perl (and readers of might call s///g.

Also the icon on the barrels in Donkey Kong... I have another WMG that mentions Donkey Kong, but the barrels in the other game look different.