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== Music ==
== Music ==
===[[wikipedia:Linkin Park|Linkin Park]] and [[wikipedia:Evanescence|Evanescence]] (multiple)===
{{OOU box|1=The following similarities exist (TODO: expand this intro):
*"I've become so numb" in "[[wikipedia:Numb (Linkin Park song)|Numb]]" and "[[wikipedia:Bring Me to Life|Bring Me to Life]]"
*"I'm nothing" in the "[[wikipedia:Breaking the Habit|Breaking the Habit]]" music video vs. the lyrics "Save me from the nothing I've become" in "Bring Me to Life"
*the comparison of the rapper's voice in "Bring Me to Life" to that of Mike Shinoda
*"These wounds, they will not heal" in "[[wikipedia:Crawling (song)|Crawling]]" and "These wounds don't seem to heal" in "[[wikipedia:My Immortal|My Immortal]]" (no relation to {{User:Eighty5cacao/sandbox/Template:Trope|FanFic|MyImmortal|title=the fanfic}}, thankfully)
*"I had to fall to lose it all" in "[[wikipedia:In the End|In the End]]" vs. suicide by falling in "Bring Me to Life"'s video
}}(in-universe content still needs to be written)
===[[wikipedia:Solitude Standing|''Solitude Standing'']] (album)===
===[[wikipedia:Solitude Standing|''Solitude Standing'']] (album)===
:''See also: [[uncyc:User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ explanations/Vocaloid (revised)/picture]]''
:''See also: [[uncyc:User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ explanations/Vocaloid (revised)/picture]]''

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This is a list of my crazy fan theories on various creative works. In some entries I may attempt to connect multiple fictional universes.

The organization of this page follows the folder system used on TV Tropes articles.

These entries are written from an in-universe perspective, except where otherwise explicitly stated. Nothing here should be interpreted as canon. This page is not approved or endorsed by Warner Music Group or any other record label for that matter.

For material relevant to Damian Yerrick's fictional universes, see User:Eighty5cacao/misc/Concentration Room and DX Town sequel and fanfic ideas and Grand Unified Theories.

Film, animated

Film, live-action


TODO: Why "Cobol Engineering"? Anything to do with the programming language? (The OOU etymology is probably similar to that of Cobb's name.)

The Time Machine (2002)

See also: Eloi language#English

TODO: Multiple rises and falls of civilization? Local temporal distortion fields? (The latter is to explain the possibly incorrect chronometer reading, which was originally addressed by Tepples in the "See also" above. What creates the distortion remains to be addressed. The former assumes the chronometer is not as far off as Tepples was suggesting. The two are not necessarily incompatible.)


The Time Machine

See also: User:Eighty5cacao/misc/Eloi physiology (fanon)

TODO: Mention something about darkness and grues - expand on this later - Exactly to what extent is light injurious to Morlocks? (Specifically: What light intensity is needed to trigger significant injury? Over what time scale is it fatal? What organ/system suffers the most damage?) A similar debate exists for grues


Linkin Park and Evanescence (multiple)

(in-universe content still needs to be written)

Solitude Standing (album)

See also: uncyc:User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ explanations/Vocaloid (revised)/picture

Luka volunteers as a waiter at Tom's Diner. His parents abuse him because they are dissatisfied with his work.

TODO: Regarding the song "Solitude Standing":

  • Who or what is Solitude, other than the obvious?
    Out of universe: The Spanish equivalent "Soledad" is commonly used as a name. However, Suzanne Vega states that the song is a metaphorical description of solitude and is not (knowingly) inspired by any person named Soledad.
  • What do we make of the lyrics "Her palm is split with a flower with a flame"? (Compare the Fire Flower.) NB: See http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/10729/, which shows a comma immediately following "flower"
  • Near the beginning of the song's video, the LCDs of the Yamaha equipment cycle through the names of several tracks from the Solitude Standing album. At one point No.50  LUKA ワ appears. Is intended to depict a glitch in the equipment? Is it something other than the katakana? Does it have some deeper meaning here? Perhaps the display contents are an enciphered message?
  • Mention something about the nerdy-looking guitarist (name? wikipedia:Solitude Standing#Personnel doesn't specifically mention this track)

Mind the Gap (Scooter album)

Regarding the song "Jigga Jigga!":

(in-universe content still needs to be written)

Video games

KiKi KaiKai (series)

Why do we never see Miki-chan (Becky) between the FDS and GBA entries in the series?

TODO: Are the human protagonists ever referred to with an honorific other than -chan? (Canonically and OOU, the answer appears to be no, but keep looking.) If so (not), why (not)?

Web original


Magibon's online presence was created as part of a conspiracy between the United States and Japanese governments. TODO: Why? (It's part of a plan to brainwash people and/or steal their souls.)

When the Copyrobeast has banhammered everyone else, Magibon will be the last registered user remaining. Such is the advantage of doing "nothing" (see Behind the scenes information for details about "nothing"). Then the Copyrobeast will find some reason to ban her anyway... (TODO: "Copyrobeast" refers to the automated part of Content ID. The etymology of this coinage should be explained separately somewhere.)

RPG Parade

The series can be found on YouTube here. For further information, see Wikia wiki and TV Tropes article.

My guesses about subsequent plot lines are as follows:


An example can be found at uncyc:File:Ualuealualeualueale.gif.

TODO: Mention something about "Ualueria" in Lingua Ignota.

Real life

Japanese language

TODO: Similarities with Finnish language; see trope:InMyLanguageThatSoundsLike and this YouTube video

TODO: Similarities with Turkish language; see uncyc:User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ explanations/Turkish-Japanese Conspiracy

Pinna (anatomy)

In East Asian ethnicities, prominent ears are more tolerated[1] and Stahl's bar is more prevalent[2][unreliable source?] compared to Western ethnicities. What could this imply in the evolutionary long run? Compare to the pointy ears typically attributed to elves.

Slashdot and Mathematica

TODO: Mention something about /. vs. /. in Mathematica, which performs what Perl (and readers of Slashdot.org) might call s///g.