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Rationale and scope

While working on various WMG pages in my userspace here, I noticed a couple TV Tropes articles not available on All The Tropes because the version of TV Tropes that was forked to AtT predates the creations of said articles.

The problem is that such articles cannot be simply imported due to licensing differences, so they would need to be created from scratch.

I will not include subsidiary namespaces such as Headscratchers and YMMV unless Tepples or I encounters a link to a specific subpage during routine maintenance, as I do not consider such pages to be "articles" by themselves.

Any entry here does not constitute a request for importation, nor does it make any claim as to the possibility of such importation.


Links such as "allthetropes:Foo Bar (example)" point to articles that have not yet been created.

Unless there is a clear difference in policy regarding disambiguation or another aspect of article titling, I assume that the All The Tropes article title will be exactly the same as the Wikipedia title.

I do not specially handle grammatical articles ("The," "An") when alphabetizing.