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This is a holding cell for questionable "Songs that sound alike" ideas.

TODO: Reorganize into "acceptable matches with sourcing issues" and "weaker matches"

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  • Ending theme from the Famicom game Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha vs. "Setsunakute" from the anime Magic Knight Rayearth [36]
  • Martin Galway - Comic Bakery (C64) loader theme (1988?) vs.:
    It's a port of a MSX game released in 1984, which does not contain any compositions by Martin Galway.
  • Bruce Springsteen - Working on the Highway (1984) vs. Naoki Maeda (as Z) - Maxx Unlimited (2002) – admit that the intervals upon which my mind is seizing aren't really the same
  • Crayon Shin-chan 4 (GB) in-game (stage 1?) theme [38] vs. Tornado Man (Mega Man 9)
    TODO: full title and artist info. A more complete entry for Tornado Man is already in mainspace
  • Water levels from Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988) (is this "Underwater"? see below) vs. the Franklin episode "Franklin in Two Places" (season 5 episode 8)
  • Jedi QuestMaster's suggestion: "Requiem" from Ninja Gaiden (NES) vs. Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (1968)
  • Joshua Levine - (1999) (, yt) vs. Basshunter - Welcome to Rainbow (2006) [39]
    This is only about the timing of's vocals. Specifically, start 4 sec after the start of "Welcome to Rainbow" (you might have to play with it a little until the first "welcome to rainbow" lines up with a "welcome to Zombocom"). Lowering the volume on Welcome to Rainbow might help. Then finish listening to "Welcome to Rainbow"; Zombocom will loop a couple of times...
  • Tsukumo Hyakutaro[10] - Steel of Destiny (1997) [40] vs. Josh Groban - Caruso (2003) – probably coincidental
  • Tomomi Ootani & Toshiharu Yamanishi - Hunger Made Them Desperate (1990) [41] vs. Go Sato - Can't Retrace (2007-8?) [42]
  • Tsukumo Hyakutaro - Legendary Wings (1997) [43] vs. Go Sato?[11] - A Stormy Front (2007-8?) [44]
    Also, similarities between "Back to the Fire"/"Legendary Wings" and "If You Were Here."
    Also Mega Man 10 - Wily stage 3
  • Format me: Insert "Everytime We Touch" into the Flying Battery Zone / Bad Romance comparison
  • Format me: I remembered DM Ashura's "Ψ²" while typing up ResuRection / Not Fair. NB: No commercial release; date will need to be inferred from StepMania simfiles[dead link] until I ask DM Ashura directly
  • Format me: Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Space Harrier stage 4 TODO: better link vs. the incipit of "Gallantry" (YT comments)
  • Format me: ATC - All(?) Around The World vs. "Technotris" (did Tepples already mention this somewhere?)
  • High Seas Havoc - Symphony Orchestra (Sometime Somewhere) - (Video description appears to contain the needed artist info) Demo is here.
  • Decide order: Jonne Valtonen (as Purple Motion) - Satellite One (1993) [45] vs. Siberiade / ResuRection / Kagami / Not Fair
    also possible connections with "California Dreamin'"
  • Format me: My Chemical Romance - Demolition Lovers / Evanescence - My Immortal (demo)
  • Format me: Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive / Pink Floyd - In The Wall demo
  • Format me: " - " / Michael Jackson - Billie Jean demo (dubious)
  • Format me: Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941 (1967) / KaW - Dawn (Perpetual Mix)
  • Format me: A-Moe - Bagpipe / Lagoona - The Promised Land (former is from ITG3/PIUPRO, latter is in at least one of the StepMixes, not sure about order)
  • Format / check sources: Riyu Kosaka - Love [heart symbol] Shine (≤2002) [46] vs. Miley Cyrus - Permanent December — especially "Won't let you go, go, go, go..."
  • ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980) vs. Manami Matsumae - Mega Man 1 Elec Man stage (1987)
    NB: Flying Omelette mentions Journey's "Faithfully" (1983)[47] which might be a better match, but if we leave Elecman out of this, then we might have an entry for the main STSA page...
    similarities exist with the game over theme from Raiden (title?)
    relevant to "Faithfully," also Akon's "Right Now (Na Na Na)" (did one of us already mention this somewhere?)
  • Format me: Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One / David Cook - Light On / Miley Cyrus - Permanent December — only the refrain of "Permanent December" applies — the lyrics of the latter two songs contain "leave the light on," but that is not where the melodies are most similar
  • Billy Joel - Piano Man (1973) [48] vs. DM Ashura - neogenesis (2008) [49] — time signatures differ, which may hinder the creation of a demo — also mention Hotel California?
  • Suzanne Vega - Blood Makes Noise (1992) [50] vs. Sanxion7 - Blood Lullaby (2009, no commercial release?) [51]official site
  • Sanxion7 - Midnight of the North (2005, no commercial release?) [52]official site vs. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (2009) [53]
  • Format me: La Bouche - Be My Lover vs. ATC - All Around the World vs. IceCap Zone Act 1 vs. Natalie Browne - My Favourite Game (from ITG)
  • Wonderboy - Pink Fuzzy Bunnies [54] (ITG3, Mungyodance 2, PIUPRO?) vs. EeL - 777 [55] (appears in Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3, but the first appearance was somewhere in the Pop'n Music or DrumMania series) — instrumentation may make the similarity sound better than it really is
  • The Beatles / LCD Soundsystem / The Kinks (TODO: what are the titles of the other songs besides Get Back? explain more)
  • MAXX UNLIMITED (or other MAX?) vs. Linkin Park - New Divide (2009) — but what should be mentioned about "Gone Away"?
  • Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (1997) vs. Enya - Only Time (2000) — not including the climax of "My Heart Will Go On"
  • Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again (1984) → Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (Jan. 2000) → Enya - Only Time (Nov. 2000) — dubious due to chord progressions approx. "backwards" between Otherside and Only Time
    • "Only Time" could also have been inspired by "Words"
  • Final Fight (SNES) stage 4 second half[?] vs. Space Harrier stage 4 / incipit of "Gallantry" (the arcade version should be checked too)
  • Neil Diamond - Heartlight (1982) vs. Reflection Theory - Don't Promise Me (≤2004)
    • also Land of Confusion & Don't Promise Me? That's more about lyrical content/themes though
    • also Don't Promise Me, Gone Away, and New Divide?
  • Tamayo Kawamoto - Commando stage 1–(2?) (1985) vs. Josh Groban - Si Volvieras a Mí (2003)
  • Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life (1997) vs. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (2011) (demo)
  • Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (1988) vs. Vince Perri? - Cheetahmen theme (1991) (demo)
  • Markus Kaarlonen (as Captain) - Space Debris vs. DM Ashura - neoMAX
  • Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (1977) [56] vs. Umihara Kawase Shun Field 0–9? in-game music (1997) [57] – 
  • Joe Raposo - Sesame Street Theme (1969) vs. Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Opa Opa! (Fantasy Zone in-game stage 1–? theme) (1986)
  • Basshunter - ...DotA vs. Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest (album: Minutes to Midnight) [58]
  • The following vs. Vanilla Ninja - Tough Enough (2003):
  • Joe Brooks (writer), Kasey Cisyk (singer) - You Light Up My Life (1977) vs. FIXME - Galaxy Force II stage 1 (1988) (or should that be called "stage A"? probably titled "Beyond the Galaxy")
  • Some ideas from a Japanese DDR/ITG player, esp. "Dead End" vs. "Chromatic Blitz" (The video is not a collection of demos. It just contains gameplay videos of some DDR edit charts, with mentions of similar ITG charts.)
  • Kinuyo Yamashita and/or Satoe Terashima - Castlevania "Stage" 4 (2nd level) ("Stalker"?) (1986) [59] vs. Line of Fire stage 1 (1989) [60] Amiga port plays the song on the title screen (who composed the latter?)
  • The Beatles - Revolution (1968) vs. Akira Satoh - Rough & Tumble (Raiden stages 3 and 6) (1990) [61] – there are a few other Beatles songs that might fit here
  • Mikio Saito? - Bloodlines (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood stage 1) (is "Divine Bloodlines" the correct title, or is that a different song?) (1993) vs. Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me (1998) (specifically these few notes in "Kiss Me", but I think there are chord progressions elsewhere)
  • NiNi - Little Kitty Mine (≤2006) (ITG2) vs. Coconut / Oscillator X - Kitty Cat (PIUPRO 1 or 2?; found in "ITG Rebirth 2 (BETA)" simfile collection) – are both based on the same folk song?
  • Ozric Tentacles - "Sploosh!" and "Strangeitude" (1991) (YT: Sploosh!) vs. Neil Baldwin - Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (NES) race theme 1 (1992) [62] – admitted by Neil Baldwin, but not much real resemblance outside possibly of the bass line of "Sploosh!"
  • Eduard Artemyev - Siberiade theme / PPK - ResuRection vs. Lily Allen - Not Fair [63]
  • George Sanger and/or Cliff Falls - Mansion theme (1992) [64] vs. Masahito Nakano, Atsuhiro Motoyama, and/or Shinji Tachikawa (as Pas de chat?) - Umibe Theme (1994) [65] – This is mainly about the four notes C-D-E-G; very likely coincidental, since no Home Alone video game was officially released on a Sega platform in Japan (TODO: YT video by Console Wars points out that the Genesis game's title theme sounds like something from the film Weird Science)
  • Koji Kondo - Underwater (real title?) (1988) vs. see above - Taki Theme (1994) [66]
  • Tomomi Ootani - Tan Tan Ta Ta Ta Tan (1988) [67] vs. Apple Inc. (Gerhard Lengeling?) - Uplift (2013) [68] – weaker match; I was fooled by rhythmic structure. Another shmup is a better answer (see mainspace)
  • ? - "Hard Rush" from Psycho-Nics Oscar (1987) [69] vs. Yanni - First Touch (1989)
  • Blue Öyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper (1976) vs. Yoshio Nagashima (sp?) - Gomola Speed stage 1 (1990) demo in "SiIvaGunner fan rip" style
  • Jackal stage 2 (1986) [70] vs. R-Type stage 2 (1987) - these probably have composers and titles publicly known, but none is mentioned on Wikipedia

Arbitrary section break (2)

  • Lay All Your Love On Me vs. Jetpack Joyride main theme (very dubious)
  • - Golden Sky (c. 2006? fixme) vs. Alessia Cara - Scars to Your Beautiful (2016)
  • John Williams - Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) vs. Taku Isaac Sakakibara (as OutPhase) - sync (which IIDX is this from?) (outro - one note isn't an exact match)


Flying Omelette has a page on this topic (focusing on video games). Maybe take a look there later on

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