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If you are writing a script to scrape this page's wikitext: The actual ruleset content is located inside the syntaxhighlight tag below. Do not add the text outside it to the ruleset's comments.

If you wish to create a pull request based on this ruleset, be aware that I am not actively updating it to match the current style guideline, so make sure you have read said guideline yourself.

	For rules disabled by request of the site owner, see Pin_Eight-experimental.xml.

	Relevant discussions:

	Mixed content:

		- Scripts on some (www.) pages outside mw/, from *
		- Images on some (www.) pages outside mw/ from $self *

	* Secured by us
<ruleset name="Pin (partial)">

	<target host="" />
	<target host="" />

	<!--	Only the wiki sets/reads cookies, and they are secured anyway:
	<securecookie host=".+" name=".+" />

	<rule from="^http:"
		to="https:" />