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(Pending deployment: restate my position about YouTube)
(Pending deployment: Note: I don't have a YouTube channel. That doesn't mean you (the reader, anyone else) needs to boycott YouTube)
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<code>YouTube Content ID: The only winning move is not to play</code>
<code>YouTube Content ID: The only winning move is not to play</code><br>
<sup>This is [[User:Eighty5cacao/misc/copyrobeast|not meant to advocate a boycott]] of YouTube</sup>

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Here I give examples of the signatures I have used on various forums.

Compare Tepples's Slashdot signatures. However, as previously stated:

  • I will not name specific forums.
  • Most of these signatures are intended primarily for humor, as opposed to promoting my position on a specific issue.
  • This list will never be comprehensive.



Magibon: Staring in the Copyrobeast's face since 2006

The problem is that the world is run by neurotypical businessmen who just want to see results now.


"Ubuntu: Linux for Human Beings"...as opposed to what?
Linux for extraterrestrial life-forms?

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue Morlock.

Why I don't use Google Chrome
(the link points to https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere)
Originally, HTTPS-Everywhere was available exclusively for Firefox because other browsers lacked the necessary APIs. There is now a public beta for Chrome, but I will not consider using Chrome as my browser due to Google's poor track record on privacy. Also, HTTPS-Everywhere for Chrome doesn't currently play nice with other content-filtering extensions due to limitations of the WebRequest API used by these extensions. (There are other reasons that I don't use any Chromium-based browser at all, but that is beyond the scope of this discussion.)

Pending deployment

The Urban Dictionary entry for tor does not mention that Tor. I am disappoint.
Dubious (TODO: explain why). In an actual deployment, the Oh Internet link should be left out to keep the character count reasonable.

YouTube Content ID: The only winning move is not to play
This is not meant to advocate a boycott of YouTube