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I am not a member of the Yerrick family, but I have some interest in certain topics on this wiki.

I do not publicly use IRC or any other form of instant messaging.

On other websites (or not)


I am a registered user on Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia. My editing activity on each is generally irregular.


I am not (yet) a known troper (neither on TV Tropes nor on All the Tropes) due to lack of time to devote to editing.

Unlike Tepples, I don't actively participate in Slashdot. I read it irregularly and comment never. I am not a registered Slashdot user, and I am not currently interested in contributing in any manner.

I do not have a YouTube channel, in part because I don't want a Copyrobeast attack to take down my whole Google Account.

Writing style

I will make use of the exclamation-mark notation popular in fan-fiction communities, but only when I am certain there is no ambiguity.

In discussions of Damian Yerrick's fictional universes, I will use "human" (lowercase) to refer to real-world Homo sapiens and "Human" (capitalized) to refer to the game-world race, except where capitalization is required at the beginning of a sentence.

Any use of [t]he key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in all capital letters SHOULD be presumed compliant with RFC 2119. (This may need to be reexamined and/or clarified due to the new policy at {{RFC 2119}} et al.) My use of these words in normal English capitalization is not necessarily RFC 2119 compliant.

When I refer to an issue as "RESOLVED INVALID," the use of all caps is a convention derived from the Bugzilla software and does not represent shouting. I mean "INVALID" specifically in the Mozilla sense, where it is synonymous with "not a bug."

I may use the term "Copyrobeast" loosely to refer to any video deletion or account termination for copyright reasons, whether or not a valid copyright and/or fair-use claim exists for the material in question. I am aware that this is an abuse of my own definition, which is only meant to include public-domain material and valid fair use.

The neologism "idxt" is just the ID-Ten-T Error joke written with Roman numerals. (Common-sense politeness dictates that I will only ever call myself an idiot, not anyone else.)

I normally consider redirects to be "dishonorable." In other words, I believe that links from non-talk namespaces of this wiki to redirects anywhere on this or another wiki SHOULD be fixed immediately to point to the redirect target, unless there is an ongoing controversy or other strong reason not to make such an edit. Exceptions include the following types of interwiki links:

  • Main-to-category-namespace redirects on All The Tropes, as I disagree with this implementation of the "index" page type from TV Tropes
  • Redirects to sections of Wikipedia articles, if there is a clear benefit to clarity or conciseness (e.g. the "ID-Ten-T Error" link above)
  • Wikipedia redirects resulting from page moves for which I strongly disagree with the move, perhaps because the facts justifying it are no longer accurate or because Wikipedia policies/guidelines have been misapplied
  • (TODO: More exceptions may be needed, in the spirit of wikipedia:MOS:NOPIPE)



My favorite quotes from Tepples on the NESdev forums:

"The current comment level is not frist. The comment will not be posted." (not a real comment, because the "frist" meme didn't start until a year or two after that article)

It's unfortunate that BRD isn't BDRD (that is, most editors don't follow 0RR), but that's a fact of life.

To anyone who says I'm not a true geek because I don't stand strongly enough for privacy and/or free software, or because I continue to use Firefox despite Mozilla's mismanaging (etc.), all I can say is that that's a "no true Scotsman" fallacy. (I use Firefox because HTTPS Everywhere was historically buggier on Chrome. I might write rants on the rest later on: /misc/Windows is ok, /misc/Firefox is ok, /misc/Importance of free software)