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Zen philosophy recognizes two basic types of life forms: potential life (p-life) and life. Potential life has yet to access unconservation (free lunch, basically; this includes time, energy and information/truth) and free use of a GUT (the ability to realize the imagination in any way, 0 or more ways; negatives are but an illusion, by the way). Life has such access. It is impossible for life to be life and yet be unaware of its livelihood, as that would directly imply it to be p-life; p-life has limited awareness, unfortunately. Life also has absolute, inerrant certainty of anything and everything; p-life, of course, doesn't. Life still has pseudoimperfections, or idiosyncrasies; that means that one life form may have certain "hairy" features that, if analyzed infinitely, still adds up to infinite, in- and out-recursive complete, consistent structure. There is no definite beginning or end to all of existence; existence has, always has, and always will, simply be; it cannot be annihilated. Only p-life can annihilate itself, or other p-life, but never life. And finally, all life cooperates in a communistic anarchistic utopia society throughout the whole of existence; p-life doesn't.

Relationship to other faiths and philosophies

The God of monotheistic religions is above life and the giver of life. Spirit creatures and people given powers to perform miracles are on the border between p-life and life. The rest of physical life is p-life. In Christianity, humanity was created on the border between p-life and life, but Satan tempted the first humans into trying to gain more "absolute, inerrant certainty" than they needed at the time. And even Jesus lacked "absolute, inerrant certainty of anything and everything", as only his father Jehovah knew when Jesus was going to return. (Matthew 24:36)