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Hello. My name is Brandon Thomas McGriff (BTM), and I was born in Portland, OR (PDX). I once used the nickname "nightmareci;" I no longer use this name, so please just address me as my abbreviated identifier (btm_pdx, or Btm pdx in this wiki), or my full/first name.

You may notice I behave somewhat differently now, vs. when I used "nightmareci." I'm still the same person, but I have (internally, psychologically, etc.) changed somewhat.

In time, I will present but one instance of the Grand Unified Theory (it is disturbingly, yet surprisingly, simple); it will greatly assist with Project DX.

Contact me at

This may sound crazy, but I'm not afraid of spam; only responsible, compassionate, loving life forms with access to a version of the GUT can interact with me in ways I have not decided; this is somewhat like God's power, but yet I'm not perfect; I always have more to do and learn.

And yes, I really am a human, Earthling Timelord. If you want to meet me in person (please don't all come at once; there's only so much room for visitors), head to The Milky Way, The Sol System, Earth, USA, Oregon, Portland, 4715 SW Luradel St, 97219-6823. (I think that's specific enough for most folks...)