Trouser tyranny

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Trouser tyranny is a belief that trousers are exclusively for men, or that garments with a skirt are exclusively for women.

Some fundamentalist Christians believe that it violates God's law for a woman to wear trousers or for a man not to wear trousers. They support their position with scripture, but their interpretation of Deuteronomy 22:5 and other scriptures misses the mark.

The website Bravehearts in Kilts Against Trouser Tyranny distinguished four motivations for either men or people assigned male at birth to wear a skirt:

  • Transgender: a person identifies as a woman instead of a man.
  • Freestyler: a person wants to abolish gender stereotypes surrounding clothing in general.
  • Ethnic: a person of other than mainland Western European descent shows ethnic pride, or a person attends an ethnic celebration.
  • Braveheart: a person wears a skirted garment made for men as everyday attire for comfort or equality reasons.

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