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{{copr countdown}} is used to calculate the time until the end of a given year. It's useful for expressing the current copyright status of a work whose copyright is about to expire within the next few years.

It takes one or two arguments:

  • First argument: Year at whose end the event occurs
  • msg= (optional): message to display on expiry; otherwise, "public domain" is used

For events that have not yet occurred, the time is expressed as a number of years (rounded up) or a number of days (rounded up).

{{copr countdown|2008|msg=hallelujah}} hallelujah
{{copr countdown|2009}} public domain
{{copr countdown|2020}} 344 days left
{{copr countdown|2021|msg=are we there yet?}} 2 years left
{{copr countdown|2016}} public domain

Limitation: This template does not automatically update for legislative extensions of the copyright term, such as those in the European Union and in the United States. Country-specific templates that transclude {{copr countdown}}, which add a constant to a given year of publication or death of the author, are recommended if this template will be used often.