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You mention some traditionalist users refuse to run script, and some arguments. I have some further questions and answers. For one thing, the browser does not make it easy for the user to substitute their own scripts, and sometimes this may be wanted. (FSF has a script blocker that blocks only non-free scripts, but even if it is Free software, that isn't very good if you cannot substitute your own version.) Also, ordinary documents should not need scripts (although it may sometimes be useful to have optional scripts for some purposes). Also, web applications and native code are not the only possibilities; there are also other VMs (such as an emulator), or use of Telnet/SSH to communicate with a remote service (I also have ideas about how to improve security of a terminal emulator, by using the /proc file system to look at the foreground process ID). For some things, I would think that having some kind of "remote SQL virtual table protocol" would be good to have, to query database and download them, and use joined queries together with data from multiple sources (something a web application doesn't do so well), with SQLite. -- 05:21, 11 January 2020 (UTC)


You mention use of other protocols. It is good, although it is not mutually exclusive with web applications nor with other protocols. A service could provide multiple protocols, e.g. both NNTP and a web interface to the same messages. Protocols also should need to be simple enough (many new ones are too complicated), and some kinds can work even without any specialized software, because they are plain ASCII text with mostly one command per line. -- 19:55, 25 February 2021 (UTC)