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Should this page be moved to User:Tepples/Old RAnT, Pin Eight:Old RAnT, or Mini-rant archive to reflect that I am no longer the primary maintainer? Eighty5cacao 18:29, 13 October 2010 (MST)

"Mini-rant archive": Good idea. --Tepples 05:09, 14 October 2010 (MST)

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What did you think was brilliant about it? --Tepples 16:05, 16 October 2010 (MST)

Skype without video

Why does this edit downplay the importance of Skype's audio-only and text chat modes? There are probably quite a few portable headsets that could be useful for audio (with, e.g., the official Skype app), though I don't have a specific example handy. The point is that removing the requirement for video potentially removes the requirement to be tied to a computer.

(Possible conflict of interest — that edit summary doesn't mention audio, though I have used it.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 19:11, 16 February 2013 (CST)

Why? Because relatives have demonstrated Skype to her in a way that conflates the term "Skype" with video chat. As for text, she doesn't want to sit in front of a computer for any longer than is absolutely necessary, and I don't want to use secret protocols to a greater extent than absolutely necessary. (IRC exists, and XMPP exists; therefore, Skype text is unnecessary.) As for voice, she'd probably claim that she already has a land line for that and the price per minute of long distance is worth it for the sake of familiarity, and I don't want to use secret protocols when there's an open protocol named after a cartoon reindeer. (Oh, and sorry about the reverts. The edit count added to the rollback link in recent MediaWiki makes some of the rollback links flow right under the diff links.) --Tepples (talk) 21:01, 16 February 2013 (CST)
Maybe I should have clarified that the official Skype apps handle text too, but that's moot given the real problem is my insufficiently strong free-software/open-source mindset ... anyway, it was my family's lack of knowledge of open protocols that led us to choose Skype. (This is the "conflict of interest" I referred to above — admittedly an abuse of the term.) --Eighty5cacao (talk) 22:16, 16 February 2013 (CST)


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