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add Do not use windows, use android or meebo or some other linux bent to your will. This will save you time, money and headache. If you were less confrontational more people would help you. This needs to be more how can we make HTPCs better for everyone and less make it for only non-geeks, since you will need geek help to do it.

I've changed the title of the section about what needs to be done. Thanks for pointing that out. With my condition, sometimes I don't know when I've become too confrontational. What else is needed? --Tepples 18:36, 5 November 2010 (MST)

Your 5C's.... the reason I won't establish an HTPC is C6: They, and their connections, inevitably produce RFI and this interferes with AM BCB, SW BCB, and FM BCB signals. If I watched BCB television, I'd add that, but I don't, so there you go.

I have enough trouble with RFI with moderately well shielded systems, network connections, crappy switching power supplies (which get replaced with analog supplies ASAP), etc.