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You didn't include "asexuality". Also, I think that words such as "he" and "she" would have to do with gender (although sometimes, for various purposes, you will want a gender neutral pronoun, so singular "they" will do), while "mother" and "father" has to do with sex (but not for adoptive parents). If considering the hypothetical scenario that a male person has a child and then he is changed to female and can be pregnant with a child, then that person will be one child's father and another child's mother. I also think to use singular "they" to refer to a transgender person's past (before they were transgendered), since using gender pronouns for that purpose is confusing and is not quite right. Some words they will put "-ess" if a woman/female, but I think usually that isn't very good, since sex and gender is not relevant to such thing (although, for some thing such as "actor/actress", it might be, but that has to do with how you appear when acting, rather than identity; for "priestess", I think that word should be used only when the role of a priestess is diferent to that of a priest, and otherwise "priest" is good enough (many people seem to agree that "priestess" word need not be used, but I mentioned the exception to that)). Also, "they" is grammatically plural, as is "you", so it should be "they are" rather than "they is", but "themself" if about a single person rather than "themselves" (as is "yourself" vs "yourselves"). -- 04:47, 5 January 2020 (UTC)