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Random thoughts

  • When possible, use ROM space instead of RAM space. For instance, NPC-written letters are always based off of one of the game's pre-written templates, with the only differences being the occasional catchphrase, number, name, etc. By just storing the template ID and the template's needed variables, you could shrink almost any NPC-written letter down to 16 bytes or so worth of SRAM data. You could also apply a similar approach to NPC homes, which happen to offer very little in the way of player customization.
  • Likewise, you might get better results when compressing letters if you use a clever dictionary-compression scheme rather than standard huffman-encoding. For instance, the values $00-$BF could be something like a list of 200 common words, while the values $C0-CF could point to different lists of common words (with the next byte or two determining the word). Values $D0-FF could be used similarly to other townsfolk, ingame items/locations, numbers, punctuation marks, and so on. Spacing between words and basic capitalization could be automated. The only downside I see to this approach is that it relies on the player knowing how to spell (in English, no less). (And I have no idea if it would be more efficient than huffman anyway.)
  • Decreasing the number of players from 4 to 2 would put you right next to the 8KB memory limit.
  • In the acre that serves as the town dump, X & Y coordinates for most objects would be unneeded.

-- 05:05, 10 December 2009 (UTC)