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One of the arks landed on a chain of islands far from any mainland. The people learned to subsist on fish. Over the years, they have adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle: greater capacity to hold breath, longer bodies, and shorter legs. Think of the adaptations that helped Michael Phelps win eight golden medals for swimming at Beijing in 2008, taken up to eleven.

Now wild seals tend to be heavily polygynous. The males compete for exclusive breeding rights to dozens of females. Communities of primitive selkies are located near seal rookeries, and during the seals' breeding season, selkies closely observe the combat rituals of seals, often camouflaged in a sealskin wetsuit. They slaughter only those adult male seals least likely to defeat the alpha male in combat. Selkie wetsuits cover both legs together to the ankles and may be responsible in part for "mermaid" myths.

The selkies are thought to be partly responsible for the domestication of seals.

As selkies live far from where our scouts have landed, our scouts have been slow to report on the appearance and habits of selkies, and most of our information is nth-hand. We seek questions to investigate to help fill in the gaps on the talk page.

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