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DX Town has a rush meter to encourage the player to eat.

In Animal Crossing, it is disadvantageous to eat, as fruit is worth 100 to 500 bells at Tom Nook's shop. But in Harvest Moon and Dark Dreams Don't Die,[1] the player must eat to replenish his life bar or risk passing out. DX Town strikes a balance between the two approaches: the player need not eat but can't run without food. Only the superpowers of a road runner player character drain calories at a superhuman rate.

Energy increases when the player eats and declines over time and with moving around. It determines how fast the player can move.

max 25% speed
max 50% speed
max 75% speed
max 100% speed

Power (rate of energy loss) is not linear with movement speed; moving at 50% speed takes noticeably more than twice the power as moving at 25% speed.

Player can eat at any time, except within 100 seconds of having already eaten or when eating would push energy over 100 percent.

In humans, the stats are like so:

Eat food
add 10%
Power at homeostasis
10% per hour
Power at 25% speed
homeostasis plus 0.4% per minute
Speed at 25% speed
3.5 mph (walking)


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