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A poli (pl. polis) is a sapient being. Polis are much like humans except that polis have no external hind legs. Their leg and foot bones are contained entirely inside the butt area. They walk on their hands and bottom, wearing thick padded gloves on their hands that serve as shoes for them. (Compare this video.) They have a large pad of thickened skin called an ischial callosity on the bottom for cushioning.

  • Height: 80-90 cm
  • Defining characteristic: determination

Poli culture tends toward a can-do attitude. Don't call them cripples; they do what anyone else does, just in their own way. This extends to their unique style of hand-to-hand combat that takes advantage of their low center of gravity.

Some of them who mingle with humans and elves compensate for their lack of height by wearing a tall pointed or stovepipe hat.[1]


As polis are shorter than other people, their houses tend to be smaller. The doors also open up rather than out, with a knob at the bottom. Some communities of polis have founded very long linear towns along roads and rivers.[2]

False polis

Soldiers who lose legs in combat and civilian victims of certain weapons or injuries may choose to go live with the polis.

Further information: Mark 9:45; Wikipedia:Social model of disability


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  1. Compare this image macro by nr-uk: "Only short people need tall hats"
  2. Such linear cities aren't unknown in the real world. See "The 6 Most Insane Cities Ever Planned" by Dwayne Hoover and "History of the Weird Utopia Roadtown" by David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace.