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Contributors license the copyright in text submitted to this web site under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported, except where specified in direct quotations. They warrant and represent that they have the legal right to grant such a license.

Images and other media

Files uploaded by users need to have a description page stating at least the author and source of the work in the file, so that the site's administrators can perform due diligence on the work's copyright.

Licenses for free cultural works are strongly preferred for images and media. Non-free media may be used sparingly, only in the main namespace, and only in cases where they can't reasonably be replaced in context with free text or with free media without substantially affecting the reader's understanding. ("Sparingly" is defined by fair use under United States copyright law.) A non-free image must have a file description page explaining what the image is used for.

Overall, this resembles English Wikipedia's policy on non-free media. But in an intentional departure from Wikipedia's policy, articles may use the <gallery> markup for lists of non-free images in limited cases. An example of a case where a non-free gallery is fair would be a comparison of the distinctive appearances of fictional characters next to explanatory text. This follows from another departure, the acceptance of well-reasoned original research. An article with a sizable non-free gallery, in which many images have the same use rationale, will often have a template explaining the purpose of the gallery.