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Access levels

User access levels on this wiki roughly mirror those of Wikipedia, except for slightly tighter restrictions on editing pages that are not talk pages.

Visitors who have not registered are called "IPs" or "anons", after the IP address that appears next to contributions.

  • An IP can view any page and edit any talk page.

Creating an account is easy.

Most registered users can easily join the emailconfirmed and autoconfirmed groups, which grant basic privileges:

  • An emailconfirmed user can edit pages outside talk namespaces, send e-mail to other emailconfirmed users, and add external links without having to solve a CAPTCHA every time. To become emailconfirmed, check your e-mail inbox for a message that Pin Eight sends after you register, and follow the instructions.
  • A user who is confirmed can edit pages outside talk namespaces, move pages, and upload images and other media. You become autoconfirmed (automatically trusted) once you make two edits and wait four days after you have registered. If you are not already emailconfirmed, these two edits have to be in talk pages. Members of a collaborative project using this wiki may become confirmed by notifying an administrator through another communication channel associated with the project.

Some groups are available only by invitation (don't call us; we'll call you):

To request the attention of an administrator to perform a sensitive action, use the {{sudo}} template.


Users whose first edit is blatant spam or a wall of non-English text will be blocked on sight. If you have trouble with English, go ahead and use a free online machine translation tool; we won't bite you for grammar mistakes. Usernames that indicate intent to do something unconstructive, such as intent to "review" (euphemism for advertise) a specific product, will be indefinitely blocked on sight. So will unpronounceable gibberish usernames that appear to have been registered by a bot. Administrators may use judgment as to whether to block the IP address used to create the account. Blocks can be appealed on the blocked user's talk page unless the blocked user has abused the appeal process.