Ninja Frog

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Frogs Age: 350 million / Weight: Diamond Ott/ Height: 1 metre tall/ Primary: Kicking/ Secondary: Shuriken/

This Ninja Frog has been an orphan his whole life. He learned his skills by himself. He has many friends, and a dirty sense of humor. Born in Japan, but recently found out that his mother is Canadian. (Rewording by Pinobatch and Ninja Frog)

Join scene: Player sees in news that a Frog took down a whole team of drug dealers

Player goes around getting information to find the Frog, and eventually finds him. The player walks up to him in a bar.

Player: Nice work. We need someone like you.

Frog: Oh really? I'll work for you if you buy me a bottle of the finest tequila here.

Player asks bartender for it. Barkeep: $225 000

Frog whipers to Player: grab it and run. If you can do that, I'll think about working for you.

Player runs with bottle and Barkeep yells at him then calls security. Player fights off security, but now has to deal with the bartender. initiate boss fight

Frog: Nice job kid.

Player: So you gonna fight with us?

Frog: Yeah. I guess I will