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Contrary to popular belief in parts of the western world, skirted garments are not exclusively reserved for women.

In the real world

Men in some cultures and subcultures traditionally wear shirts that fall between the calf and the ankle. In fact, wearing long, loose clothing to reflect the sun while allowing air to circulate was the only way that Cracked's Chris Bucholz found to beat the summer heat.[1] But though it superficially resembles a "dress", it isn't women's clothing, despite what some members of the U.S. armed forces think.[2]

  • West Africa
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Samaritans of Israel
  • Arabian Peninsula, where it called a thobe (also spelled thawb), dishdasha, or kandura
  • Palestine circa the 1900s
  • Christian monks
  • Mevlevi order, also known as the Whirling Dervishes
  • Tall T-shirts worn by hip-hop fans approach this[1][2]

More photos and illustrations on Wikimedia Commons:

And in commercials:

In other fiction

Some well-known fictional men and boys wear shirts that fall past the calf.

  • Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts from Harry Potter
  • Mickey Dugan from The Yellow Kid, without whom there would be no yellow journalism[3]
  • John Darling from Peter Pan
  • Frank Diggs from The Oz Kids
  • Simon Seville from The Chipmunk Adventure, whose shirt a Cracked columnist calls "dress-like";[4] others agree,[5][6] though Alvin apparently doesn't. "Looking into Alvin's eyes is like looking into a vat of powerful acid, perhaps sulfuric."[7] Even after the 2007 reboot they still don't wear pants.[8]
  • Intramural pillow fighting uniform at Plumfield Estate School from Louisa May Alcott's 1871 novel Little Men. (A real pillow fighting league doesn't use that uniform, however.[9])
  • Lemmings from Sony's Lemmings[10]
  • Scooter from EA's Scooter's Magic Castle[11]
  • Ruff from Eurocom's 40 Winks


Terminology used on this page is as follows. (Report errors on the talk page.)

a shirt between hip length and just below the knees; more likely to be worn with visible trousers
a shirt, calf length or longer
outerwear with sleeves, at least knee length


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