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* ''How to Draw Finding Nemo'' by Nancy Parent, ill. by the Disney Storybook Artists, ISBN ?, UPC 050283044185. Title and headings
* ''How to Draw Finding Nemo'' by Nancy Parent, ill. by the Disney Storybook Artists, ISBN ?, UPC 050283044185. Title and headings
* ''Lisa Frank Paint With Water: dogs'', UPC 030099153738. Front and back cover
* ''Lisa Frank Paint With Water: dogs'', UPC 030099153738. Front and back cover
* [https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/lucky-dog-by-allan-woodrow/ ''Lucky Dog: Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs''], a short story anthology
* McGraw-Hill ''DeMYSTiFieD'' books
* McGraw-Hill ''DeMYSTiFieD'' books
* ''Minnie's Purse'' Play-a-Sound board book, ISBN 9781450861731
* ''Minnie's Purse'' Play-a-Sound board book, ISBN 9781450861731

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These products use Fink Heavy, a irregular slab serif typeface by House Industries:

Video games

  • Animal Crossing series by Nintendo
  • Big Brain Academy by Nintendo
  • Puppy Palace by Ubisoft
    • European version title My Puppy Shop has straightened "y" and "MSho" created from whole cloth, apparently by someone unfamiliar with FH. Appears highly "uncanny valley"-ish to people familiar with FH.
  • Thwaite by Pin Eight

Home video

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog #2 by Shout Factory, UPC ?
  • Christmas specials
    • Christmas with the Backyardigans DVD, UPC 097368950641 (The Backyardigans logo is a Folkwell that looks like a tweaked FH, but the section headings in the episode descriptions on the back are normal FH.)
    • The poorly received 2000 Christmas special Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, possibly one of the oldest products to use the typeface
    • Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas DVD, UPC 031398145622
    • Nine Dog Christmas DVD, ISBN 0790796341, UPC 085393885120. FH on most of cover
    • Thomas & Friends Ultimate Christmas DVD, UPC ?. Title only
  • Friends: The One with All the Parties DVD, no UPC, 33691. Subtitle and back cover headings
  • Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas DVD, UPC 025192205941. Title only
  • LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers DVD, UPC 031398214847. Title only
  • Mommy & Me: Fun & Friends VHS, ISBN 0778611574, UPC 056775224431. Title only
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Friendship Express DVD, UPC 826663130508. Subtitle and back cover headings
  • My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD (UPC 826663114850) and some other 3rd generation MLP products
  • Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Snow White DVD, UPC 097368775244
  • Scooby-Doo Where Are You seasons 1 and 2 DVD, UPC 014764233321
  • A Simple Wish VHS, ISBN 0783224060, UPC 096898348638. All of front and back cover except title
  • Amy's O DVD, UPC 758445900521. Title only
  • The Scooby-Doo Double Feature: Meets Batman * Harlem Globetrotters DVD, UPC 883929078530. Spine title and back cover headline


  • All in One Hour by Susan Stevens Crummel and Dorothy Donohue, ISBN 9780761451297 (slightly distorted tail)
  • Ask Kermit: All About Food by Michael Teitelbaum, ill. by Joe Ewers and John Carrozza, ISBN 1592260217, UPC 824335260218. Title only. Also Ask Kermit: All About Bugs, whose previous edition used August.
  • The Backyardigans: Race to the Tower of Power by Adam Peltzman, retold by Catherine Lukas, ill. by Dave Aikins, part of collection with ISBN 9781416911584. Back cover
  • Bambi's Guess Who! and Thumper's Guess Who!, ISBN 9781453085615 and 9781453085608. FH in title only
  • Beginner Word Hunt Puzzle Finder by Bill Mersereau and Maygen Czarnowske, ill. by Mike Polito, ISBN 9781770663527. Title only; back cover and headings use Billy [sans]
  • Learning Train Bible Stories & Activities: Joseph workbook, ISBN 9781420679045, UPC 088231979043. Title and page headings
  • Chicken Socks Highlight This Book, UPC 703767435325 (watch for amputated g and t tails)
  • The Christmas Drawing and Activity Book by Helen Otway, ill. by Dynamo Ltd., ISBN 9781848375895. Title only
  • Daddy Adventure Day by Dave Keane and Sure Ramá, ISBN 9780399246272. Title only
  • DragonTales: Dinosaurs and Dragons by Margaret Snyder, ill. by The Thompson Bros., ISBN 9781403780423. FH on title and inside front cover
  • Elmo's First Book of Colors, UPC 805219070352. Front and back covers
  • Fizz Buzz by Janet Rees, ISBN 9781855033528
  • Furious George Goes Bananas: A Primate Parody by Michael Rex ISBN 9780399254338
  • Garfield Baby's First Year keepsake calendar, UPC 619344282098, ISBN 9781579002091
  • Hello Kitty Craft Foam Activity Book by Mary Walsh-Kezele, ISBN 0439328403. Title, subheadings, project lead sections, and tips page
  • Hello Kitty Stuck On Stories, ISBN 9782764322550
  • Hello Kitty Play-a-Sound book and stuffed toy bundle, ISBN 9781450892087
  • The "Make every Who shout" page in some editions of Horton Hears a Who![1]
  • How to Draw Finding Nemo by Nancy Parent, ill. by the Disney Storybook Artists, ISBN ?, UPC 050283044185. Title and headings
  • Lisa Frank Paint With Water: dogs, UPC 030099153738. Front and back cover
  • Lucky Dog: Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs, a short story anthology
  • McGraw-Hill DeMYSTiFieD books
  • Minnie's Purse Play-a-Sound board book, ISBN 9781450861731
  • The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing and Julie Durrrell, ISBN 9780448467849 and 9780448456225. Later entries use Billy Serif instead.
  • Oliver and Amanda and the Big Snow by Jean Van Leeuwen, ill. by Ann Schweininger, ISBN 9780545060684. Title only
  • Peek-a-Boo: It's Time to Play board book by Susan Riley, ill. by J. Nathaniel Dicke, ISBN 1931918295, UPC 797307152005. Throughout
  • Pete and Penny's Pizza Puzzles book, ISBN 9780843198102. Logo only
  • Picture Magic: Weather by Keith Faulkner, ill. by Jonathan Lambert, ISBN 9780439112079. Throughout
  • Puppy in My Pocket: Trick or Treat book by Sierra Harimann, ill. by The Artifact Group. Title only; body is Billy (not Serif)
  • Santa to the Rescue sticker book by Sally Lucas for Mall Media Inc. Distributed by Glenbrook Square Shopping Center. Title only
  • Sesame Street: The Three Little Grouches adapted from story by Jodie Shepherd, ISBN ?. Title only
  • Shapes 4-in-1 Spinner Book by The Clever Factory, UPC 842774031480
  • Little Golden Book Sofia the First: Two Princesses and a Baby by Laurie Israel, Rachel Ruderman, Craig Gerber, and Andrea Posner-Sanchez, ISBN 9780736433587. FH in title and a wizard's spell words.
  • Valentine Surprise by Corinne Demas, ill. by R. W. Alley, ISBN 9780802796646. Front cover and title page
  • Virtue Valley Tales: A Tale of Knowledge with Owl board book by Kathy Miller, ill. by Don Morris, Chick-fil-A kid's meal premium. Front cover
  • Why Is Snot Green? by Glenn Murphy, ISBN 9781596435001. (Some printings have a different typeface on the cover.)
  • Winnie-the-Pooh sound books are interesting because of the thematic connection between Winnie the Pooh and Animal Crossing that became apparent soon after the debut of My Friends Tigger and Pooh:
    • Hello, Pooh! A Find-a-Friend Book, UPC 042799806944, ISBN 978-1450806947
    • Lullabies with Pooh, UPC 042799810194
  • Your Kind of Mommy by Marjorie Blain Parker, ill. by Cyd Moore, ISBN 9780525420514. Throughout
  • Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton, ISBN 9780545072731. Title only
  • Sesame Street Abby's First Book of Rhymes by Kathryn Knight, UPC 805219072776. Title only
  • Littles and How They Grow by Kelly DiPucchio, ill. by AG Ford, ISBN 9780399555268. Front and back cover
  • Disney Minnie Best Friends Play-a-Sound book, ISBN 9781503705715. Throughout
  • Y is for Yum, Yum, Yum! by Anna W. Bardaus, ill. by Janie Smith, ISBN 9780545619011. Title only
  • Happyland: Birthday Cake by Dan Yaccarino, ISBN 9780761187349. Title and some front/back cover text. Also Rainy Day
  • How the Zebra Got Its Stripes by Justine and Ron Fontes, ill. by Peter Grosshauer, ISBN 9780307988706. Title only

Other media

  • "Writing Traits" posters by bhg Graphic Design for Scholastic: straplines and subheadings are FH. One tip is "Write neatly or use easy-to-read fonts", which means either FH is an easy-to-read subheading font or the designer is a hypocrite. Also it puts "tell", "think", and "see" in the "Weak Verbs" column when they're actually strong verbs.[2]


  • Cali Diva Dress Up Playset pre-filled Easter basket, UPC 013253322355
  • Conn-EGG-tion Hunt plastic eggs by Bee Inc. with included Smarties candy, UPC 073563009414
  • DolGen Farmer's Market play food 43579, UPC 400024565071
  • Flexible Flyer IRIS Swing Set, UPC 047672445531. FH on packaging excl. disclaimers
  • FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers ChippyPip Chipmunk, UPC 653569779087
  • Kitty in My Pocket
  • LeapFrog Learning Kids School playset
  • Looney Tunes Tri-Ominos Kids' Edition by Pressman, UPC 21853041088
  • DolGen Loving Baby doll 31395, UPC 400045452244
  • Mega Bloks Match and Build game, UPC 072348519803, distorts tails and stretches vertical stems
  • Monster Mixters stuffed toys by Build-a-Bear Workshop (some branding uses Chowderhead)
  • My First Jigsaw Puzzles: Vehicles and other puzzles by Ceaco
  • Name 5 tabletop game by Endless Games, UPC 632468003813
  • Operation game (Large Openings with Easy-Grab Pieces edition) by Hasbro, UPC 653569857358. Logo only, modified R and off-center counter in O. Also available in Doc McStuffins edition.
  • Pre-School Animal Memory Game by eeBoo. This and other eeBoo products use FH with a dagger-shaped 't'.
  • The entire solving guide for the 3x3 Rubik's Cube
  • Shopping Basket Play Set, 10 Pieces by Lollipop Toys, UPC 7104130541938. Letters p, n, g, B look font-substituted, as if they lost their FH license and had to hand draw the rest.
  • A logo by McHale Design for Walmart's "Spark. Create. Imagine." preschool toys is a modified FH but with less curly g, r, and t, a longer p descender, and serifs at both ends of S.
  • Zingo: Bingo with a Zing game by Thinkfun, UPC 019275077006. Also available in Sight Words and Word Builder.
  • Birthday Party Play Set and Large Cookware Play Set by Lollipop Toys, UPC 710413052557 710413052564. Obvious font subbing going on
  • T.S.Shure PuzBox wooden puzzles, UPC 740984099996. Front and back cover
  • LeapFrog Learning Friends School playset
  • Kidz Fun Two Finger Squirter squirt gun (photo)

Craft kits and stationery

  • American Girl Crafts
    • Desktop Drawing Station, UPC 643077565401
    • Fabric Flower Style Set, UPC 643077662124
  • Creative Hands craft project kits
    • sm'Art Kit Mosaic Monster, UPC 028444865115
    • sm'Art Kit Sugar Skulls, UPC 028444906436
    • Bump Stix, UPC 028444903213
  • Geddes Sport Hangers Foam Kit (Football), UPC 603250682226
  • Horizon Group craft kits, UPC 765940170618 765940167199, 765940554166
  • T.S. Shure PuzBox, UPC 740890099393, 740984009995
  • Imagine by Bendon products:
    • Construction paper, UPC 811853019541
    • Push-Up Crayons, UPC 805219900925
    • Twist-Up Crayons, UPC 805219902202
  • Lisa Frank sticker puzzle by Cardinal, UPC 047754155785
  • Alex Toys Pop Tab Jewelry, UPC 731346075529
  • Alex Toys Color a Peace & Love Memo Board, UPC 731346010827
  • Alex Toys My Own Diary, UPC 731346007414
  • Curiosity Kits Knight Light, UPC 622222065270. Logo only
  • Mattel AmiGami dog figure, UPC 746775372354. Logo and taglines
  • Greenbrier activity paper pad, UPC 639277278159
  • 4M Easy-to-do Weaving and other kids' craft kits; UPC hidden
  • Curiosity Kits logo


  • Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
  • Cracker Jack snack mix uses a polygonal variant of FH for "sailor jack and bingo"
  • Drumstick ice cream treats, Peanut Butter variety
  • Several Kellogg products
  • Some Kroger brand snack foods
  • Meijer Super Crunch and Super Berry Crunch cereal
  • Mickey and the Roadster Racers "Hot Rod Diggity Dog!" gummy candy, UPC 038252390549
  • YoCrunch Sprinkl'ins Color Changing strawberry lowfat yogurt, UPC 046675000945. Amputated 'g' tails.
  • Freshpet Dog Joy treats, UPC 851893001441
  • ALDI Lunch Buddies Fruit & Veggie [flavored] Snacks, UPC 041498218225. Capital S is upside down to disguise it
  • ALDI Clancy's Stackerz potato crisps, UPC 041498236335. Letter k has a rounded tail to wrap e


  • Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush My Way! toothbrush, UPC 766878200231. "Decorate Your Brush YOUR WAY! 140 Stickers Inside"
  • Baby Looney Tunes wipes, UPC 821239410152
  • Black and Decker Junior Mega Tool Set, UPC 045672585059
  • Adopt a Pet, sponsored by Purina, uses Fink Heavy with amputated 't' tails. (Via a NSFW Photoplasty on Cracked.com)
  • Kidgets infant shoes, UPC 032251122484
  • Kidgets diapers, UPC 400300173297
  • This "I ♥ CP" shirt
  • This "Oh my god Santa's coming" cup from the movie Elf
  • Yellow Rat apparel
  • Logo of KidsOwn Worship
  • Logo of Ben's Lighthouse charity benefiting children of Newtown
  • Giftco "Kris Kringle & Critters" Display Plate & Stand, UPC 047256043887


  1. Mark Oliver. "Why 'The Grinch' Is MUCH Darker Than You Ever Realized". Cracked, 2016-04-17. Accessed 2016-04-19.
  2. The Brothers Grimm defined "strong verbs" as verbs that are irregular because of ablaut, which is largely reflected in English as a shift toward o sounds in past tense.