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(Weaken ה handling for common names like "Leah" where only the form with -h is in common use)
(There are so many forms of Elizabeth floating around that I need to be careful.)
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|Justin || ''Thwaite'' villager || Bailey, Timberlake, Bieber || Latin meaning "fair, righteous".
|Justin || ''Thwaite'' villager || Bailey, Timberlake, Bieber || Latin meaning "fair, righteous".
|Lillie || ''Concentration Room'' opponent ||  || Diminutive for a Hebrew name meaning "God is her oath"; Latin word for lily
|Libbet || ''Magic Floor'' 1P ||  || Diminutive for a Hebrew name meaning "God is her oath"
|Lillie || ''Concentration Room'' opponent ||  || Latin word for lily
|L.T.D. || colspan="3" | (spoiler)
|L.T.D. || colspan="3" | (spoiler)

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The following character names are used in the English versions of present and past Pin Eight releases. As in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, it is assumed that these are translations of names in the original languages of the game world that have similar meanings, possibly fudged to keep puns working (as Tolkien described in detail with regard to Merry Brandybuck in the appendix). Rereleases after the game world is further fleshed out may have superior woolseyisms.

We prefer to render final ה (he) in Hebrew feminine names as -a rather than -ah to emphasize the false cognate[1] between Indo-European and Semitic feminine endings.

Name Role in Pin Eight works Notable namesakes Meaning or origin
Acha Thwaite villager Toy Pop (obscure)
Briar Thwaite villager Sleeping Beauty From a word meaning "thorny plant"
Colin Block game mascot[2] Irish coileán meaning "puppy", Latin columba meaning "pigeon", and a short form of Greek nikolaos meaning "victory of the people".
Daffle Zap Ruder 2P Diminutive of a Biblical Hebrew name (2 Samuel) meaning "beloved"
Ethan Concentration Room opponent From a Biblical Hebrew name (1 Chronicles 2, 6, 15) meaning "strong or firm".
Gnivad Thwaite villager Obscure. Let's take a look.
Gus Test suite mascot; block game mascot Recess; A Troll in Central Park; Psych Shortened from a conflation of Slavic Gostislav meaning "guest + glory", and the Old Norse Gautstafr meaning "staff of the Goths"
Hepsie Fairy godmom in platformer Diminutive of a Biblical Hebrew name (2 Kings 21:1) meaning "my delight is in her"
Isca Thwaite villager Biblical Hebrew name (Genesis 11:29) meaning "foresight" (whence English "Jessica"). Also resembles the Irish word uisce meaning "water" (whence English "whiskey").
Justin Thwaite villager Bailey, Timberlake, Bieber Latin meaning "fair, righteous".
Libbet Magic Floor 1P Diminutive for a Hebrew name meaning "God is her oath"
Lillie Concentration Room opponent Latin word for lily
L.T.D. (spoiler)
Meg Thwaite villager Hairy Meg, a brownie Diminutive of Sanskrit for pearl
Milca Idle game protagonist Biblical Hebrew name (Genesis 11:29) meaning "queen"
Milo Thwaite 1P & Otis, Kamalani, Thatch, Murphy Latin miles meaning "soldier"; Old Slavonic meaning "merciful" whose Slovene reflex is mil; Germanic meaning peaceful (cognate to "mild"? the baby name sites are unclear); Greek name borne by six-time ancient Olympic champion Milo (Milwn) of Croton
Oliver Thwaite villager Twist, North Conflation of an Old Norse name meaning "elf warrior", an Old Norse name meaning "ancestor's descendant", and the Latin for "olive tree"
Pino Thwaite unseen voice Shortened from a Florentine name meaning "pinenut"
Podge Zap Ruder 1P Bracciolini Shortened from Latin name meaning "nobleman"; Italian name meaning "dweller on a hillock"; a word meaning "chubby person"
Staisy Thwaite 2P Shortened from Greek name meaning "resurrection"
Susan Concentration Room opponent Hebrew and Persian name meaning "lily"
Thad Thwaite villager Aramaic for either "heart" or "gift of God", possibly an adaptation of the Greek name that became Theodore
Tilda Thwaite villager Swinton Shortened from Germanic compound meaning "might in battle"
Torben Thwaite villager Old Norse meaning "Thor's bear"

"Torben... Thor? I thought this universe was Abrahamic. So what's with the crossover cosmology?"

Samson was a man. Hercules was a man. Thor was a man. They may have been given supernatural superpowers, or even just given themselves superpowers through training, but they were still men.


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  2. A stricken role represents a role in a work that has been publicly discussed but was never completed or is no longer available.