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Draft of Itsyaboy's appearance. He has cords stemming from the energy cell on his chest to power his mechanical upgrades. His eyes turned a light purple from his psychic powers. He never goes anywhere without his trusty rusty bucket helmet, personalized by scribbled writing that shows his failing sanity.
Itsyaboy's appearance. Credit to Goat for this drawing

Itsyaboy (or Itsyaboi) is an NPC who can be unlocked as a playable character.

  • Age:Don't Worry About It
  • Weight:More Than You'd Think
  • Height: Too Damn High

Official data file:

Case File: Subject 00x8502

Subject goes by the name of Itsyaboy

File data: Subject developed psychic powers at a young age. Self-modified with mechanical parts.Slightly tempermental. Subject is much more intelligent, strong and fast than he lets on. Subject seems to be hiding many secrets. If provoked, DO NOT ENGAGE.

Attacks include psychic strikes and modified sword strikes. May fire anus lasers.

Join Scene

>Talk to ???

"You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a Holy Grail, would you? I already have a Holy Plate, a Holy Bowl and Holy Utensils, I'd like to complete the set. Could you help me out a bit?"

>Who are you?

"Oh, right. You're not from here. I-"

??? is surrounded by nuns with modified nunchucks. Fight Initiates.

>Doesn't save ???

Do I need to elaborate?

>Saves ???

"Fifth time today. I didn't mean to kill Sister Adams, I swear! Anyway, I see potential in you. I'm Itsyaboy, town psychic. Could I tag along?


"Well fuck you, then." ??? is unable to join your party.


"I knew you would say that. Can I use the restroom really quick?"