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Sample inventory menu

In DX Town, the player's inventory has 15 spaces for items.

For more realism, some items take more than one space in inventory. In the screenshot, each big square is considered 3 spaces.

Tiny items
Anything that can be put either on a table or in an original Animal Crossing (GameCube version) wardrobe takes 1 space. This includes tools, flowers, fruit, fish, bugs, clothing, umbrellas, paper, and small furniture.
Flooring or wallcovering
3 spaces
Large furniture
3 spaces per square meter

Buy the tool belt for 5 extra spaces, but only for tiny items. Things in the tool belt can be switched to at any time without entering the menu. For example, someone rearranging trees may drag an axe, a shovel, and three saplings or fruits to the tool belt. Fish and bugs do not fit in the tool belt, even though they are tiny.

The player can buy a wagon that has 30 spaces (10 large spaces), but pulling it causes the player to move at half speed. The wagon converts to a sled during snow season.

The player can also carry five letters, but only one can have a parcel. Some players of the original AC used to store large items in letters' parcel slots. This is unrealistic, but the tool belt makes up for the common use to store tools.

"Cash" is in units of cio, whose symbol is based on the Cyrillic letter Ч. Four cio are worth about 100 bells. The name "cio" (pronounced /tʃoʊ/ is a contraction of an old word meaning one-fourth, as four cio make up an older monetary unit, and its symbol reflects both the initial ch-sound and the 4-shape.

"Rush" is explained in Rush meter. Each white cube represents 10 percent of the maximum glucose reserve.