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Opcodes used in the scripting system of a video game made by the maker of Cave Story.

It has only flags, and jump if flag set, sort of resembling action instructions in WarioWare DIY.

SyntaxProbably stands forEffect
<geGame EndPlays the animation of the player shooting up into the sky, even if they are not on the ship
<dlData LoadLoads the player's progress
<dsData SaveSaves the player's progress
<ynXXXXYes or NoPops up the 'yes or no' buttons and if the user chooses yes, jump to event XXXX
<e+Energy (Give)Restores all the player's health
<waXXXXWaitWait XXXX ticks
<i+XXXXItem (Give)Gives item XXXX to the player (0011 turns on the ship)
<i-XXXXItem (Take)Takes item XXXX from the player
<f+XXXXFlag (Give)Turns flag XXXX on
<f-XXXXFlag (Take)Turns flag XXXX off
<seXXXXSound EffectPlays sound effect XXXX
<endEndEnds the current event
<ejXXXX-YYYYEntity jump?Not figured out yet
<ijXXXX-YYYYItem jumpIf the user has item XXXX, jump to event YYYY
<fjXXXX-YYYYFlag jumpIf flag XXXX is on, jump to event YYYY
<ecEntity ???Called when people get on the ship...
<exExitExits the whole game
<pcXXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ??? ChangeSeems to change the block at XXXX,YYYY to ZZZZ
<ekEarthquakeMakes the earthquake effect
<le??? EarthquakeMakes the effect for when you're gathering the last few people
<maMask visionMakes it so the player can't see. Usually goes with <fo
<nmNo MaskMakes it so the player can see. Usually follows <fi
<psPMD file (Stop)Stops the current music
<ppPMD file (Play)Plays the current music
<pfPMD file (Fade)Fades the music out
<phPMD file (Half)Plays at half volume
<pdXXXXPMD file (Different)Sets the music to XXXX
<fiFade inFade the screen in
<foFade outFade the screen out
<cmXXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ??? MoveMoves the entity somewhere else
<*Well... * is a star...Display the ending illustration
<boXXXXBossStarts a boss battle
<reXXXXRemove?Can cancel <ge, but removes all your items

0001Spike Hat
0002Suka bread
0003Herbal serum
0004Ironhead's code
0006Shrimp cocktail
0007Crab soup
0008Capacitor. Adding this lets you break spongy rock even if you don't have the spike hat
0009Globefish platter
0011Ship. Automatically displayed