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In DX Town, furniture refers to decorative and functional items intended to be put in a player's or NPC's house. The furniture system is based on that of Animal Crossing. The game and design documents use "furni", borrowed from Habbo Hotel lingo, as a makeshift singular referring to an item of furniture.


Furniture comes in the same sizes as in Animal Crossing, except that items take (realistically) far more room in the inventory.

Item size Cells in inventory Cells in room Cells outside
Tiny 1 1 1
Large fish 1 2 N/A
Small 3 1x1 1
Medium 6 2x1 1
Large 12 2x2 1


A table is a furni on which a tiny furni or any of several other items can be placed.

TO DO: list of items that will fit on a table

Items that fit on a table or into closet space include paper, fruit, flowers, tools, clothing, and several other items smaller than a proverbial breadbox.

Chairs and beds

A chair is a small or medium furni that a player can sit on. A bed is a medium or large furni that a player can lie down on. Some chairs and beds have special sounds when the player enters or leaves. Tiny items may be placed on a chair or bed, but that earns a demerit.


Misplacement of things in a room earns sloppiness demerits, which play into DX's counterpart to the Happy Room Academy.

  • Items that will fit on a table, placed on the floor or on a chair or bed
  • A furni with a front side that directly faces a wall or another furni
  • A room without a light source
  • Various violations of real feng shui, to be determined later


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