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Fishing is the poor man's version of hunting.

DX Town is expected to include a fishing minigame similar to that of Animal Crossing and several computer role-playing games. These games' mechanics are far simpler than those of games that have "bass" in the title. The player first uses a rod to throw a bobber into the river or lake. Within a split second after the front of a fish collides with the bottom of the bobber, the player should make a retract command (by pressing a button or moving an accelerometer controller); otherwise, the fish will swim away. The compression of outdoor space in an RPG tends to make the range of a rod without a reel close to what one would expect from a real-life rod with a reel. And in most of these games, one can't fish with a net; nets are only for bugs.

It is not known whether a concept of overfishing is needed in DX Town.

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