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A featural alphabet is an alphabet whose glyph shapes encode phonological features. Familiar featural alphabets include hangul, used to write Korean, and tengwar, used to write Quenya and Sindarin.

This script, which does not yet have a name or an associated language, was created on 2011-04-14. It is a featural alphabet written from top to bottom, with columns proceeding from left to right, like Mongolian. It's inspired by hangul and its alleged parent Phagspa, but unlike in Korean, the letters are not formed into syllabic blocks. The characters are shown alongside the symbol for the corresponding phoneme in the Latin-based International Phonetic Alphabet.

Consonant signs have these iconic featural hints:

  • Labial signs (b, p, m, f) represent the shape of the lips.
  • Alveolar signs (d, t, n, s) and velar signs (g, k, ŋ) represent the front and back of the tongue.
  • Voiced stops (b, d, g) and voiceless stops (p, t, k) are round or flat at the top respectively.
  • Nasals (m, n, ŋ) are open at the top like the nasal passage.

There are only 18 letters in this alphabet plus a diacritic for palatalization. Some sounds that aren't distinct phonemes in the language among whose speakers the script originated are expressed by digraphs:

translit phoneme
lu /r/
tf /θ/
df /ð/
ds /z/, initially
ss /s/, not initially
bf /v/, initially
ff /f/, not initially
ĝ /ʒ/, /dʒ/
ĉ /tʃ/

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