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An elf (pl. elves) is a sapient creature. This race is widely believed to have been formed when the game world's equivalent of Adam and Eve made love before committing the original sin, yet they still felt some of its corrupting effects.

  • Height: like humans.
  • Build: slight. The elven body is not inclined to store excess food energy as fat the same way humans and some other races do.[1]
  • Ears: pointy, the better to gather and locate sound in a densely forested environment.[2]
  • Skin: light, somewhat shiny or pearly. Unlike human skin, which adapts to damage by tanning (producing melanin), elven skin adapts by increasing reflectance (producing guanine).
  • Growth: much slower than humans.
  • Aging: at least an order of magnitude slower than humans.
  • Metabolism: faster in some systems to support the energy demands of telomerase-driven[3] negligible senescence.
  • Common cause of death: trauma or malnutrition, almost never aging. The elven lifespan is thought to be a thousand years. To other, more mayflyish races, it resembles what tropers might call biological immortality.
  • Movement: faster than humans.
  • Magic vs. tech: Close alliance with nature. With longer lifespans, they get a better sense of the workings of an ecosystem. Perhaps compare real-world druidry and American "Indian" practices.
  • Alleged superiority complex: others think elves think they're better than other races because the majority human-dominated cultures assign different moral categories that make "no damn sense".
  • Pranks: commonly pulled on other races, especially in retaliation for polluting the environment. Elves involved in this think they're karmic tricksters; some others see them as eco-terrorists.



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