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(We have only two colors of dust, unlike another continuity that has the life-giving dust and several flavors of skill-changing dust)
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In the game world, dust is any of several substances with seemingly magical properties that can be refined as a powder.

Colorless dust

Colorless dust (or just "dust" if not specified) has antigravity properties when applied to organic matter. It is extracted from the leaves of certain tree species whose leaves float rather than falling when they leave the tree. This means the leaves must be harvested carefully lest they float away.

Some people use dust to fly, controlling the depth of antigravity through meditation. To control their trajectory through the air, dust users may wear loose clothing that can be stretched tight, such as a long nightshirt or a wingsuit. Or they may wear the reinforced dust-infused leaves of a palm or water lily. The general technique is to cancel gravity and reduce drag while ascending, reinstate gravity to descend and build speed, and then spread the clothes to swoop upward.[1]

Blue dust

Blue dust is synthesized with the aid of a lunar collector during an alignment occurring once every few years. Helps give and restore life, like steroids on steroids. Rumored to have been responsible for the freak accident leading to an autonomous wood sculpture. A component in the lie that some snow people tell young children to avoid the talk. Required to synthesize colorless dust.


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