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No simulation of life in a small rural village would be complete without trees, and DX Town is no exception.


In Animal Crossing, trees need to have the cells around them empty or the sapling will die instead of growing. So the distance from the center of one tree to the center of another tree is two cells, or about 26 feet. Does this player have a point?

In Animal Crossing, about 12 to 15 trees per acre is optimal. In real life, as usual, it's more complicated.

Fruit trees

The basic fruit types from Animal Crossing (apple, cherry, orange, peach, pear) are present here as well, but trees don't really grow the same way as in AC. Fruit trees produce one fruit per day up to a limit of five on a tree, unlike AC trees that always produce three fruits on the third day after being shaken. And not all trees always produce fruit. Apple trees, for example, cannot self-pollinate. They need another apple tree nearby to produce fruit. (Orchids happen to work the same way: no flowers without plant sex.)

How is fruit retrieved from trees? Even outside Animal Crossing, people speak of shaking coconuts out of trees.[1] But shaking trees is what criminals do during a food crisis in Venezuela.[2]

What is fruit good for?


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