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DX Town is an Animal Crossing clone a prototype implementation of the first town in a Zelda clone Mana clone Diablo clone console-style action role-playing game, used for training an axe murderer easing the player into the adventure. Consider all serial numbers filed off homages paid.


DX is a life simulation game designed to

  1. satirize the Animal Crossing series,
  2. document its rules,
  3. address some of its deficiencies,
  4. provide a framework on which an RPG can build, and
  5. be free software.

It is to Animal Crossing as GNU is to UNIX.

By Animal Crossing I mean a video game series published by Nintendo, not that kind of animal crossing or that kind either.

But be warned that the Story of Seasons-inspired PC game Stardew Valley will be a tough act to follow.

"DX" is rumored to stand for "Double Crossing". Not necessarily to be confused with long-distance ham radio reception, nor remakes of Game Boy games for Game Boy Color, nor double crucifixion.[1]


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