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    • Age: Who cares?
    • Weight: Holy $#!+ he's so light.
    • Height: He doesn't need to crouch.
    • Looks somewhat like Greasy Gary from C&H.


Not much is known about Cteklite, but it's common knowledge that he seemed to just appear one day. He seamlessly bonded with many community members around him, and eventually gained a reputation as an overall friendly person. He is a very supportive person, so much so that he's able to give his friends and allies boosts to their physical abilities by simply shouting in a certain way. He can't explain it either. All anyone knows for sure is that he's deathly afraid of spiders and is an altruist.

His favorite series is Evil Dead and is constantly caught making references to it.

Move Set

  • Attack Moves
    • Basic Punch - It's exactly what you think it is. If you need a more detailed description, he makes a fist and applies it to the enemy's face at maximum achievable velocity.
    • Dropkick - Ctek runs forward and performs a high-velocity foot press against whatever he's aiming at. Painful to whoever's receiving, but also very tiring.
    • Headbutt - Causes minor damage to Ctek (scales with strength), but deals twice that much to the recipient of the attack.
  • Support Moves
    • Invigorating Shout - Restores some (10-15% total) HP to one party member.
    • Loud Invigorating Shout - Restores some (20-25% total) HP to the whole party.
    • Inspiring Shout - Raises damage dealt by allies.
    • Screech - Decreases damage taken by allies. Just make sure they don't go deaf from this.
  • Special
    • "How about you come hit me?!" - All enemies focus attacks on Ctek. Defense increases by 50%, allies' attack increases by 50%. Regenerates 7.5% total HP per turn, rounding down.

Recruit Scene

>Talk to NPC.

"Shh, get down! I'm hunting flatbears."

>What's a flatbear?

"You know those bearskin rugs rich people have on their floors? They're like that, but they're parasitic and take over your mind. It's a painful experience, trust me."

>So, what, they just take over your mind and it's game over?

"Not exactly. Just get a blunt object and whap 'em until they jump off the poor sucker's head. Or kill the person, either works."

>Why are you hunting the flatbears?

"Dude, you have NO idea how much their skins go for. I could buy, like, a sports car or two with a couple skins."

>Big risk, big reward.

"Exactly! Hey, did you hear that?"

>Flatbear jumps on to Ctek's head. Begin battle.

>Attack flatbear part to win battle without killing Ctek. Killing Ctek makes him unable to join your party, because he's dead. And it's all your fault.

>After brutalizing flatbear.

"Holy shit... That was the second most painful thing I've ever experienced."

>Second most painful?

"Ever been to one of my family reunions? Anyway, I can't thank you enough for helping out there."

>Not a problem. (Ends dialogue.)


>You want to help me fight other things? (Lets Ctek join party.)

"Hell yeah, I do! You're a pretty good fighter, I bet there's a lot we can do together. Like open a really badass pizza delivery service. Or something."

>Ctek joins party.