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Cookie Clicker is a JavaScript idle game by Orteil.

For a short time, I was working on a port of Cookie Clicker to NES. But I canceled it when early signs of game-induced RSI began to affect my ability to function otherwise.

Technical features:

  • Software decimal floating point arithmetic library
  • Control with standard controller or Super NES Mouse
  • Preliminary board choice: SNROM (MMC1, iNES mapper 1)
  • All text is drawn using the VWF library that I used for the Who's Cuter rewrite, Action 53, and RHDE, for a look that isn't so stereotypically 8-bit
  • Tile graphics compressed with PB53, an RLE format developed for the Who's Cuter rewrite and Action 53, with new random access features developed for RHDE

"Feel free to port it, as long as it's non-profit"


Licensing issue: Thus Cookie Clicker is non-free by Debian's definition, and I will have to take care to separate Orteil's non-free contributions (pictures, names, flavor texts, price tables) in the source code from generic idle game logic to keep the engine free.

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